3 thoughts on “Where can I buy the genuine teddy bear?”

  1. Oh oh oh, another one likes! Intersection I also like
    It in the victory Qianlong Collection! When you go in and inquire, I look for it with intuition ~~ It is closer to the side. Her family has a shop on Taobao. You can contact you. It is a couple.
    . There are also "T*S-Heart Life" search for bear toy shop
    chain shop, 3rd floor of Roosevelt, relying on the road, you look for it, it doesn’t matter if you can find it near the toilet (seemingly) There is a small shop in an escalator ~~ He will make you go to the store.
    Olympic stores, Dongcai is good and more supermarkets are collected, the first is!
    Anyway, there are many chains in his family. And you can handle members, and the price is more fair ~~ Because his family is big, I used to buy a very big one, only more than 100 points (wholesale price) ~~ If it is placed outside 200! Intersection

  2. Shenzhen's Qiqi Gift Company is the general agent of the American Boyds Teddy Bear Asia. There are several specialty stores in Shenzhen. There is a specialty store in the first floor of Cocopark, the central area of ​​Futian. The address is the exit of C at the shopping park subway, and it will arrive at fifty meters to the right.

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