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  1. Top Ten Obstate Rankings: Golden Retriever, Labrador, Samoyed, Chinese Rural Dog, Alaska, Husky, Newfoundland Dog, Bayu, Bian Mu, Corgi.
    1, golden retriever

    The full name of Golden Retriever is the Golden Retriever retrieved dog. It is one of the very popular family pet dogs in China. The fourth place, it is very obedient, docile and patient. The temper is also well -known. No matter how his owner scolds, he will only lowered his head.
    2, Labrador dogs
    Labrador dogs are also called recovery dogs, which belong to large dogs. Its IQ is very high, very friendly to people, very gentle, cheerful, and atmospheric. At the same time, it is also very suitable for some daily activities that help blind people enter and exit public places after professional guidance. Not only to help humans, Labrador can also be a search and rescue dog and some other job positions.
    3, Samoyed
    is a large dog, a white hair, and a cute and handsome appearance, making people want to touch it. Samoyed's personality is very gentle and obedient. It also has the reputation of "smile angel", because Samoyed often likes grinning. When you see it laugh at you, it is estimated that your heart will be "melted".
    4, Chinese pastoral dogs
    are almost distributed in China. In addition to unmanned places, the Chinese pastoral dogs were also called "national dogs" before. After thousands of years or even tens of thousands of years of natural evolution and artificially selected high -quality varieties, the personality is docile and will not attack others. But the care of the Lord is very strong, as long as someone will take the initiative to attack the other party when someone is unfavorable.
    5, Alaska dogs
    When Alaska's traffic was underdeveloped before, they were used as "transportation tools" for pulling goods by people, usually many ropes tied to their bodies together Perform Ladong and West. Alaska's huge physique is actually a silly big man. The adult Alaski has a docile and stable personality, and is very loyal to the owner. As a child, Alaska is more skinny. Essence
    6, Husky
    . Although Hargis watched anyone who owed it, its personality is very gentle and easy -going, and the golden retrador and Labrador are tied as three major none. Attack dogs. But it is very good. It is estimated that in all dog varieties, it is estimated that it is more than two. When the owner is not at home, he will immediately become a "demolition professional household", which will be destroyed at home. Sometimes when the owner sleeps, he will harass and then run away immediately.
    7, Newfoundland dogs
    The belong to large dogs. Don't look at its large size, but it is gentle and obedient. It is very popular in foreign countries. There are often children walking on the street in foreign countries, while the Newfoundland dogs are led by the little owner very well. It is very suitable for children with children, and it is also a very protective master. If someone bullies his owner, then that person will be moldy.
    8, Bagu dogs
    The Bagu dogs are native to China. Don't look at it a little ugly and stupid. People are the oldest dogs in the world. It is also very docile and suitable for playing with children. Don't look at the face of the Bay dog, feel that it is always unhappy. In fact, it is very lively and a little naughty.
    9, Bian Mu
    The border herd is very smart, strong in learning ability, and good obedience. This also makes many people like its personality characteristics very much. Compared with other dogs, Bian Mu is easier to understand the meaning of the instructions issued by the owner. At the same time, it also protects the Lord. Once he noticed that the owner was hostile to the outside world, Bian Mu would immediately yell at the other party. Some countries abroad will also use border herds to catch the sheep.
    10, Corgi
    Corgi has a gentle and cheerful personality, and looks very cute and cute. At the same time, Corgi's courage is also very large and very alert, which can protect the owner's home well. When Corgi grinned to you, you were also infected by its happy smile.

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