5 thoughts on “How about a pet dog breeding at home and profit?”

  1. This profit is pretty good, but it is also particularly hard. I think that small animals are just like children, and we do n’t have to worry about everything.

  2. Yes, the profit is certainly available, but there are risks, and the energy paid will also be right. If you do n’t take care of it, the puppy will have infectious diseases (small dog plague, etc.).

  3. This industry must have very professional knowledge. It is not that hobbies can be solved. For dogs, purity, hair color, and so on, they must have rich experience in all aspects. If you are not cheap, the profit space is large.

  4. Pet breeding prospects are okay. Now there are more and more people raising pets. First of all, there must be venues, and then someone will take you to teach you the best technology

  5. It depends on your ability and what kind of dogs you have to raise. If you have a strong ability, you can raise that kind of best -selling dog variety, so the profit is still considerable. so.

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