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  1. In the weak market, the pet industry becomes the "wind outlet"
    It the excavation of the agency's definition sector is deepening, and the pet industry is one of them. The increasingly popular "pet fever" in China is leading the gradual growth of related companies, especially in this industry that has shown strong defense capabilities, which has also made the pet industry chain the "wind outlet" of the current weak market market.
    The pet industry in my country is in a high -speed development stage. According to the statistics of the "Pet Industry Market Prospective and Investment Strategic Planning Analysis Report" released by the Foresight Industry Research Institute, it is expected that the size of China's pet consumer market in 2018 will reach 170.8 billion, an increase of 27%over 2017. Among them, the pet dog market size is 105.6 billion yuan, and the pet cat market size is 65.2 billion yuan. With the improvement of people's living standards, the consumption of the pet industry has also been upgraded, and pet owners are "not soft" in pet consumption. The per capita consumption amount of cats and dogs in 2018 was 5016 yuan, an increase of 15%compared to 2017.
    At the same time, the urban urban pets have reached 73.55 million (including aquatic people), of which the number of dogs and cats in cities and cities reached 56.48 million, and the number of cities and cats across the country reached 91.49 million. Among them, dog raising users and cat raising users have the most, accounting for 46.1%and 30.7%, respectively. Aquatic users accounted for 27.3%, reptile users accounted for 19.4%, and rodent users were relatively niche, accounting for only 17.3%.
    2018 The proportion of pets in the middle of the country accounted for the proportion of the number of pets in the middle of the country
    Data sources: Foresight Industry Research Institute compiled
    The penetration rate of Chinese pet industry increases great potential
    American family pet penetration rate reached 65 For more than%, it has maintained a high -speed growth in the past 20 years. It can still maintain a steady growth of about 4%per year. The penetration rate of Japanese family pets has reached more than 28%. Compared with these countries, my country's family pet ownership rate is only about 7%. Benefiting from factors such as my country's per capita GDP exceeded 8,000 US dollars, rigid demand for the pet market, the development of the central and western regions, and the expansion of the group, my country's pet industry is in a high -speed development stage.
    The pet industry has strong anti -cycle attributes
    The strong certain reason for the pet industry is the main reason for their optimism. Pets are regarded as friends of human beings, and even regarded as an important "family member". Its food and medical care are rigid expenditures. Pet owners will not replace the staple food brands at will for saving expenses. Therefore, the pet industry chain is basically not affected by the economy. Fluctuation effect. Even in the economic crisis, the output value of the pet industry not only did not decline, but also maintained a slight increase. In 2008 and 2009, the annual growth rate of the American pet market size was about 5%.
    If investment analysis of the pet industry
    From the perspective of investment, the pet industry chain will be the prosperous "wind" in the next few years. The rise of the industry is leading a group of companies to gradually grow. Dongfeng is quickly bigger and stronger, and investors can choose the best company to grow together with them. The industry basically believes that the "wind" of the pet industry chain is in the two segmented industries of food and medical care, which is also the most increasing potential at this stage.

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