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  1. Pet medical technology is very good for girls. After my sister, she is engaged in this aspect after graduation. She often tells me that some of the interesting little animals and animals she have received. Many, some pet cats, pet dogs and other pets that have been raised at home have to go to see a doctor when they get sick. She funded her to open a pet shop and always asked me to help me. Therefore, I would compare this aspect to compare this aspect. Familiar, let me go for everyone.
    Personal experience
    The pet medical specialty is suitable for people with more quiet and gentle personality. My school sister is a gentle and patient person, and she also prefers those small animals who look cute. She always It is said to me that those small animals will be cured. As the quality of life and economy now improves, some young people will raise their favorite pets to improve their quality of life.
    Professional introduction
    Pet medical technology The main professional is to study the structure and physiological function of dogs, cats, birds, rabbits and other pets, the characteristics and applications of commonly used drugs, the diagnosis and treatment of common diseases of pet clinical diseases, etc. Knowledge and skills, such as the prevention and treatment of pets such as dogs, cats, birds, rabbits, etc., pet skin disease treatment, experimental testing, pet products such as pet drinking machines, etc.
    The students are doing pet care
    The major work can do it. My cousin chose her own work that she likes and is good at pets. The demand and salary are also very good. You can also stay with the small animals she likes every day. This is also a kind of enjoyment. Some of her classmates went to the zoo to be veterinary, and some were engaged in animal research. In fact, in addition to these There are other better jobs.
    The main courses of the main repair

    The main courses for pet medical technology are: pet disease diagnosis and treatment technology, pet image technology, pet surgery and obstetrics, pet internal medicine, pet disease and public health, pet skin skin skin, pet skin skin Disease and nutritional metabolic disease.
    Pet medical technology professional curriculum table
    I often go to the cousin's shop, every time there are guests, some people who are particularly rich still make an appointment in advance, or come to see the pets to see a doctor. Now Well, people are also willing to spend for pets. They are willing to spend more time and energy on them. They have customized dog food. If they are sick, they need to be checked. There are various small accessories for pets for pets, which are more expensive.

    In employment prospects

    The employment prospects are still comparable. After graduation, you can engage in pet medical chain institutions, pet hospital assistants, pet doctors, laboraters, anesthesiologists , Imaging Artist, front desk, department supervisor, store manager, regional manager and other positions, can also be in pet breeding bases, boutique dogs, pet competitions, pet food companies, zoos, independent entrepreneurs, etc.
    Ixunched pet medical work
    . My cousin belongs to independent entrepreneurship. When she opens a shop by herself, she usually shows sick pets or small animals. There are some pets of pets, small clothes and some dog food. As a sub -business, it is generally raised for small animals for a long time as our family or friends. This professional working environment is good and salary is relatively high.

    D nodules

    It. In summary, I recommend that girls who like small animals can consider this major in this area. What about animals stay together? Anyway, I have no resistance to those cute little guys.

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