The dog is less than 3 months old, do you have to put things in the cage?

The weather in August and September, the dog is less than 3 months old, what should I go around the cage? I caught a cold on the day when I bought it. Now I came to my house on the 4th day, Bowome. So what should a little dog pay attention to?

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  1. There is no need to put anything, but you can find some of your old clothes and put it in the cage. One can make it familiar with your smell. It will not be warm when you leave it at night. Second, you can keep warm. Third, even if the urine is washed on it, I would like to sleep for it (it is enough to prepare 2 pieces in turn). The puppy who is less than 3 months old is small, the clothes should not be bite, and then in the cage Put a small ball and grow up with it. Huanglian adds a little board Lantan, but the premise is that you confirm that the dog is a cold. If you are small and dog plague, you can't simply treat it.
    Now the weather is still a bit hot. The dog goes to the air -conditioned room to sleep with you. The puppy blowing the air conditioner is easier to catch a cold. And it is best not to drink milk, some puppies drink milk easily diarrhea.

  2. Give it a cushion in the cage, don't be too large (leave the empty empty empty)
    The should be fixed with a cage with a rope. Some dogs like to bite this thing, and finally make it messy. Also urine, very troublesome
    It others, some other precautions:

    1. The puppies who just bought it at least need to take at least a week to take a bath. At the same time, you need to get the vaccine after 15 days. Before you finish immunity, do not bring your dog to contact his companion

    2. It is recommended to feed the dogs and dog food for dogs to meet the nutrition required for the growth of dogs. When feeding, it can be soaked in warm water. n3. Remember to give the dog milk, eat chocolate, onion, too sweet, too salty, too spicy, too spicy and too cold, of course, the bones are not feeding, feed the liver and seafood
    n n n n n n n n n n n R n4. To make dogs develop good habits from an early age, if there is a bad habit, it is necessary to correct it in time. When punishing the dog, you can roar down with a low voice, and then roll up the dog with a newspaper. Try not to play directly with your hands. n
    5. Take a bath for the dogs. Be careful not to be cold. After washing, use a hair dryer to dry the dog completely. The humid hair will cause the parasitic of the mites

    6. Going out from a small child to avoid making the dog too timid

    7. But get more close to the dog, but be careful to grasp one degree and always keep your master status

  3. Yes, dogs need to pad wooden beds. Half of the cage make a wooden bed for the dog, which is conducive to the dog's health and hygienic care, and it is not easy to get cold. Puppy should pay attention to keeping warm, do not be full in the second feeding, the third must be guaranteed to have a exercise volume, and the fourth must be drawn a little time to play with it every day to increase your familiarity. Colds are still easy to treat. Use a cold movie for four seasons.

  4. When my golden retriever first came back, it was 2 months. If you haven't given him something, the dog is not afraid of cold, no problem. But don't blow the air conditioner, I all give him an electric fan.
    . My experience tells me:
    1. Eat less meals (at least 3 times a day, do not have too much each time. Let the dogs be full); do not take a bath, do not take him out for a while (now the resistance is poor, wait for all the vaccines); combing hair (enhanced feelings, reduce the possibility of parasites)
    2. To ensure that there is water at any time, let him drink freely
    3. If you just buy it, it is best to eat the original dog food first, and then change it back to his own
    4. Pay attention to cleaning nn and BB R n5. Can you be convinced that it is a cold? On the second day of my dog, my dog ​​also had a cold -like symptoms: loss of appetite, no spirit, vomiting, and dilute. Take it to the hospital for a small check, and I stayed at the hospital for 5 days. If possible, it is best to see a doctor, just in case.

  5. The cushion below is enough. It is more comfortable and there is no need for pads around.
    The main warmth after bathing and blowing dry in time. After half a month, go vaccine if there is no illness. If you buy it from the dog vendor, you should pay attention to observation. Most of the dogs of the dog traffickers are sick dogs.

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