How much is the pet dog Chihuahua in Ruian Flower Bird Market?

Can the prices of other dogs except Chihuahua tell me one by one? thanks. How to choose a pet dog is better. Essence

2 thoughts on “How much is the pet dog Chihuahua in Ruian Flower Bird Market?”

  1. Chihuahua depends on the price of the product from 500 to 2000 yuan. The price of home care is almost the same. If the pet shop may be about two thousand. If it is good quality, about three or five thousand.

    The price of domestic border shepherd dogs is different. The offspring of purebred border sheep dog champion dogs should be good at 10000-15,000 yuan, which is better and more expensive. Ordinary purebred dogs are between 3000-5000 yuan and between 2000-3000. The specifics depends on the dog's product.

    Is a mini -VIP noble and dogs can also be better than 2500.

    Is to help you

  2. Chihuahua dogs, divided into grades, generally look at ears, ears stand upright, there is a pit in the middle of the head, with great eyes and active eyes. This kind of dog is relatively better.

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