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  1. Pomeranian is native to Germany and belongs to the German fox dog. It is also one of the most widely raised pet dogs. Bomei has a unique appearance and cheerful personality, with soft and thick bottom hair and thick wool on the body. The appearance looks very charming and cute, and the expression is always sweet.
    —– The head of Pomek is relatively small, and the overall looks like the head shrinks in the shoulders. Bomei’s head cover is wide, but it is commensurate with the nose and mouth. The shape of the entire face is a bit like a fox. In addition, the ears of the Pomeranian dog are small, the distance between the ears is not large, the eyes are medium size, and the eyes are slightly oval, which is bronze color, which is very beautiful and touching.
    —– The entire body of Pomek is relatively small and belongs to a small play dog. Bomei’s body is relatively short, but the body’s bones are strong, so the body is still very strong. Bomei’s neck length is medium, and the neck is slightly arched. There is no other vertical meat in the throat. And beautiful. In addition, Bomei’s chest and abdomen expanded very much.
    -although the body shape of Bomei dogs is small, the bones are strong and the body structure is very compact.
    This of the dog’s limbs is strong, medium in length, and covered with thick hair. Bomei’s tail belongs to a typical pointed canine tail. The tail is high, the length is medium, extending upward, the root is straight, and the tip of the tail is curled upwards and the front.
    The overall, purebred healthy Bomei dogs weigh 1.8-2 kg, female Bomei weighs about 2-2.5 kg. Black, red, brown.

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