Which pet shop in Zhangzhou is good !!

There are several pet shops in Zhangzhou. .. Which one is good. I want to buy a dog. Give some opinions. Or which one is worse. Let's talk about it

4 thoughts on “Which pet shop in Zhangzhou is good !!”

  1. As for the aspect of the appearance, you estimate that you want to go to more the characteristics of various dogs introduced in the website. There may be a certain difference in puppies to grow up. This is also no way. In fact, the key is that as long as you are healthy Okay, the product generally does not say where to go! And it is best to buy adult dogs. At least five months of dogs, it will be easier to raise, and the physical fitness will be better. It is recommended not to buy less than four months.

  2. Zhangzhou's more formal pet shop is at the intersection of Nanchang Road and Yuanguang Road. At the gate of the Rongchang Community, the west gate of the Jiulong Park, because the store is at the gate of the community, the road is not visible, it is difficult to find, but the car can still drive directly to the door. of.

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