2 thoughts on “What color should the nose of healthy golden retriever be?”

  1. Pure breeds are normally black. As for red, the color of the black nose has become red, and the judgment of the pure species does not rely on the color of the nose.
    The purebred golden retriever's head covering bones should be wide, the eyes are brown, golden or milky yellow fur is straight or wave -shaped, tail and back are parallel, long side hair. The thicker the claws, the better, the bone volume is sufficient. This is very important. The more hair, the better. You can grab one with your hands. If it feels very comfortable, after the hand is relieved, the hair will return to Good quality. Pure breed golden woolen wool will be prominent in the later part of the bone, otherwise it will be impure.

  2. Black is the nose of a dog, brown and fleshy, all of which are worn outdoors to grind the arch soil outdoors, or malnutrition

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