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  1. A better dog vaccine import: 1. Intelway in the Netherlands; 2. American Fugao vaccine; 3. Victor France; 4. Domestic Merria France: Most doctors of Best recommend the Intelvisal vaccine, the immunization rate Up to 95%, vaccination time and method: After 35 days of birth, the dog was inoculated for the first time. After 3 weeks, after 3 weeks of vaccination, 3 weeks, the third needle is vaccinated, and the 1 -pin rabies single seedlings are vaccinated every 1 week. In the future, 5 united and single -union rabies are vaccinated every year.

  2. There are three major brands of dog vaccines, Pfizer. Intelsa. Meriablinge Yinghan. Among them, Shuo Teng's vaccine is still called "Pfizer Weijia X" Wei Jiaxuan (-cvl) in the market 8 infectious diseases, commonly known as the eight units. Wei Jiawu () Prevent five infectious diseases, commonly known as five united.

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