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Dogs have been three months old, do you have to use the dog -washing cream for dogs? Can't use shampoo for people, must it be dog food, can ham sausage and rice be available? The name, and exercise him not to urinate anytime

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  1. Finally, I found the more complete dog raising, there are many words ~~ But it is very useful ~~ Look slowly.
    The feeding notice of dogs
    Welcome to the two to three months when the puppy just returned home to prepare the following:
    In the name of a dog: a short name will help small Dog recognition. Try to name the same tone as much as possible, the puppy has quickly become familiar with your name
    choosing the puppy where the puppy will settle: you need to choose quiet, dry and humid, good ventilation, warm winter and cool in summer, easy to be easy Cleaning place.
    Dog cage: The static baking paint dog cage and stainless steel dog cage are best. Wood is easily bitten by puppies and causes gastrointestinal discomfort.
    Is when the puppy has decided to rest, the owner must consider which location in the home or yard should be listed as the restricted area. In order to make the training at home easier, you are best for the freedom of the new puppy at home and the yard.
    Me everyone knows that the puppy just likes to bite things. These things may include furniture, slippers, and pipelines in the home. But you should remember that the behavior of puppies bite is very normal. Therefore, you should provide safe toys to meet this needs. You must also put the garbage in the kitchen at the garage or a higher place, making your puppy unable to contact.
    The feed: The main ingredient of white rice is starch and the leftovers or soups in the home contain a large amount of oil and salt. The owner often feeds his own food to cause puppy nutritional imbalance and aggravate the puppy Shen Liji Being able to afford it and eventually develop bad habits such as picking up partial eclipse, and each feed contains various nutritional ingredients calories, vitamin and other experts with puppies. It is the most suitable weapon for puppy to grow quickly.
    The tableware: Eating is the most suitable for stainless bowls. In addition, it is better to buy stainless steel bowls with bowls. It is better to clean and not damage. It is mixed with feeding dog food and causes dirty. The owner needs to choose a long ear -shaped cone bowl to be a long -ear type, and another dog species that need to store beards. In order to keep the lake dry, you need to buy a drip water -type water -type kettle.
    The neck circle and chain: The neck circle must be appropriate, but between the neck circle and the neck, 1 to 2 fingers must be reserved. Of course, the owner will also choose the chest and back type traction belt, but I personally do not encourage, because the puppy has not yet developed, and the chest and back type traction may cause the normal development of the dog's chest due to improper use!
    And the like circle should also be hung on the neck of the puppy early, so that the puppy is accustomed to this artificial restraint. When you grow up, you will not get used to it when you wear it. Combs and mild hair washing, nail cuts for their own dogs. Or add, ear cleaner, etc. according to personal economic ability.
    bedding mattresses: The types of pure cotton materials are required and can be cleaned by disassembly. A few nights before the puppy just arrived at home, I might feel lonely or afraid of lack of security because of the original environment of the interest rate redeeming. You can use a low -volume radio, or a clock of dripping, or you personally do not wear clothes or towels you use in a puppy to soothe its emotions to make it fall asleep.
    If feeding: It is best to feed four meals in 2 to 3 months. It should be noted that the puppy with weak resistance is a great test because of the changes in the new owner and the new environment. Don't change the original food. If you get used to the new environment within a week, the puppy is the most important thing to take home. A good seller will teach the new owner to the new owner, so that the new owner will easily raise the puppy ~ Love dogs have a responsible breeding seller.
    The diet and food changes can cause diarrhea. Do not like puppies like some kinds of food. They eat it for a long time, causing nutritional imbalances, picky food, partial food habits, causing obesity, malnutrition, and excess nutrition.
    In puppies health indicators are determined by the first year of feeding: Why is it important to start correctly?
    The evidence lies in pet food. Because the pet food you chose in the first year will be the key to its maturity, health, and growth. Therefore, choosing a good brand of dog food can give puppies and a lot of complete nutrition, which can avoid the problem of health. And help strengthen the immune system and resist disease invasion, and enrich the life of pets!
    In the first year, puppy needs to get vitamin H nutrition in order to live a healthy and happy life. Mineral substances such as fat, protein, calcium, phosphorus, etc. can help build a strong bone and muscles on average, and can provide sufficient energy to provide puppy growth and activities. However, if there are too many nutrients, it may also hinder your puppy's growth and may continue to cause serious health problems, such as: obesity, bone disorders, and heart or kidney diseases. This is why you need to choose dog food cautiously and need to be cautious even if you add self -made food. Each animal has a physiological function that is close to humans and has a unique physiological function. food.
    The snacks: The owners hope that his pets can have the most special performance or obedient at any time. Therefore, the use of snack training as a reward for training puppies, or just playing with it, high -quality and healthy snacks, is the best way to interact with puppy.
    Note: What the owner cannot know: Some foods are healthy or casual snacks for people, but for dogs, they belong to the fatal poison
    1. Chocolate (fatal can be fatal (fatal. Food)
    The salty coffee in chocolate () is a poison for animals. It will reduce the blood flow transported to the brain, which may cause heart disease and other fatal threats. The higher the purity, the higher the purity. The higher the salty content of the coffee contained in chocolate, the greater the danger of dogs. (It is more popular like drugs in humans, a small amount will continue to excite the dogs, and excessive will cause death)
    ▲ Toxic amount (small dog, 15 ~ 20 pounds/6 ~ 9 kg)
    -milk chocolate: 8 ~ 12 ounces (226g ~ 340g)
    -Dark Chocolate: 1 ounce (28g) r
    ▲ Poisoning
    -Severe drooling-frequent urination-pupil dilation-fast heartbeat-vomiting and diarrhea-extreme excitement, vigorous muscle tremor-coma
    2. Onion (Onion (Onion (Onion (Onion (Onion Dangerous food)
    raw or cooked onion contains Disulfide ingredients. It is harmless to the human body, but it will cause the danger of the oxidation of cats, dogs, sheep, horses, and beef. (Hemolytic ANEMIA).
    ▲ Onion of 1,2 small pieces of poisoning a week is enough to damage the operation of red blood cells, affect the amount of oxygen, and then it cannot provide sufficient oxygen in the body.
    ▲ Poisonous signs
    -weight loss-fatigue, laziness-frequent asthma-qi depression-rapid pulse-weak-weakness-gums and mouth-like secretions

    3. Liver (dangerous food)
    liver is one of the favorite foods of dogs. Many snacks or dog foods contain liver. Eating a small amount of liver is actually good for dogs, but if too much, it may cause nutritional problems. To learn too much vitamin A, it may cause vitamin A poisoning or vitamin A's extraordinary disease. (Many owners may have watched dog competitions, and some dog liver uses chicken liver to guide dogs to train. What kind of dogs can dogs eat? My dog ​​can't eat? To understand, the guidance of the dog only uses chicken liver to make a seductive agent. Actually, there are very few stomachs for dogs. Taking chicken liver as the main food)
    ▲ The amount of toxicity of the poisoning of 3 pays the amount of chicken liver (raw or cooked), which may cause bone problems. If the dog has another vitamin A, you must not feed the liver anymore. .
    ▲ Symptoms of Vitamin A
    -Ferdable bones-elbow and spine bones quickly develop-weight loss-anorexia, no appetite
    4. Bone (existing existence Dangerous foods)
    do not feed the broken bones such as chicken bones, bone fragments may pierce the dog's throat, or cut the dog's mouth Pakistan, esophagus, stomach or intestine. Big bones and small dogs that are both pigs or cows should not be eaten. In addition to calcium in the bones, the elements of "magnesium" will absorb the water in the gastrointestinal tract. Knowing that dog constipation is more painful than dog diarrhea!
    Note: The content of the "magnesium" element in all anti -diarrhea agents has the content of the "magnesium" element. n-The gums of the pale and blue-wheezing-open mouth and breathe-catch the face-light and slow breath-no consciousness, pupil expansion
    Note: If you want to feed your bones, use a pressure cooker to cook the bones. r. r. r. r. n
    5. Raw eggs (dangerous foods)
    Iladed protein contains a protein with an Avidin (Avidin), which will exhaust vitamin H in the dog (exist in vitamin B group). Vitamin H is the Dog growth and promoting the health of the health of the fur. In addition, eggs usually contain germs, such as Sammel. Feeding raw eggs and finally becoming toxin to toxins to the dog, which is more likely to cause vitamin H deficiency. (Often listening to netizens feeding Raw eggs will make the dog's fur light, which is really a big misunderstanding)
    ▲ The lack of the lack of vitamin H
    -hair loss-weak growth-bone deformed
    Note: Cooking: Cooking cooked Eggs are excellent snacks for dogs, which contain high protein and other nutrients. Only raw protein contains protein. If you want to feed raw eggs, please take egg yolk, but you still need to be careful of the infection of the germs.

    6. Raw meat and poultry meat (danger ~ fatal)
    although dogs hunting animals in the wild, their immune system cannot adapt to poultry and meat raised by artificial science. (Especially now feeding now There are often unscrupulous feeds in poultry feed to join hormones or antibiotics)
    The two most common types of toxins are Salmonella in poultry meat and Bybais in meat. The murderer)
    The signs of poisoning of Salmonella
    -Poor appetite-high fever-diarrhea-dehydration-lower abdomen pain-depression, no spirit
    -Poom-Stomach Pain-Diabena, severe blood-shock-paralysis

    7. Pork (not recommended)
    Micro blood vessels. Avoid pig products, especially Peiyi containing sodium nitrate.

    8. Milk (not recommended)
    Many dogs have lactose discomfort. If your dog drinks milk Fart, diarrhea, dehydration, or skin inflammation, etc., should stop feeding milk. Dogs with lactose are not adequate. It meets the needs of the dog body.

    9. Mushrooms (not recommended ~ there are fatal dangers)
    The edible shiitake mushrooms, mushrooms and other dogs in the family are harmless to dogs, but they still avoid letting dogs avoid dogs Earn, avoid dogs After eating the habit of eating the dog, when I go out to the wild because of the habit of eating, I mistakenly eat a poisonous race category. It leads to danger
    The basic urination habits development training: Bringing a puppy home is best to feed for two hours after two hours of feeding. Holding it in front of the chest after or not to make it feel security.
    In the house, first put it in the place where the four master designated it to urinate, let it urinate, and then take it to other environments in the family, let it walk freely to adapt to the environment, do not hold it, chase it It is the cause of timidity to cause it to be scared. After being familiar with the environment, take it into a dog cage and wait for eating. After eating, take it to the place where it is fixed. Playing with your family, if you have a sign of urination, take it to the place to urinate.
    We every time you eat, bring it to a fixed place to urinate, let it know that its toilet is there. If you want to put the newspaper on the ground when it is fast and small. Dogs will be correct. At that time, we must praise, encourage, and praise it. It is a smart puppy smart puppy. If the location is wrong, it will be corrected in time. Because too young, muscles cannot be controlled, puppies are too scared or excited to urinate, and they will be fine when they grow up.
    In repeated this time, it will take the initiative to go to the toilet to urinate. I ca n’t find it next time. Only a slight smell of the place should cause it to cause it, so that it will remember about three or four days. This training requires extreme patience and love, and the dog can understand in a few days. The owner needs to be repeatedly educated before there will be results!

    Before, the original owner must confirm the birth of the dog's birth and the first vaccine injection and the date of the first deworming, and record it in detail!
    Note: If you can't prove or convince the original owner to give the puppy to the puppy After the injection of the vaccine, you can wait for the dog to be completely adapted to your environment after 15 days after returning home, and the pet hospital you trust is inspected. To formulate the injection period of the vaccine, this can better ensure the health of the dog!
    The date of the first dose of the puppy's normal injection should be the first dose of the dog age, the vaccine is
    second doses of the second dose In the 75 -day injection of six -in -one
    The third dose is injected at the age of the dog for 105 days of the six -in -one rabies vaccine
    Note: ※ Six -in -one vaccine contains the following prevention diseases: dog temperature heat, adenovirus type Ⅱ, type II, and type Ⅱ, adenovic virus type Ⅱ, type Ⅱ, type Ⅱ, and type Ⅱ, and type II, and type II, and type II, and type II, and type II, and type II, and type II, and type Ⅱ, and type II of the adenovic virus. Parallel influenza, small virus virus, infectious hepatitis, hook -end spiral

    usually when you go to the pet shop back to puppies, the pet industry will claim that the puppy has hit the first dose, but because the pet industry It will not give you a proof of injection, so veterinarians usually recommend that the first doses start from the first dose and give a proof of injection.
    The reputable dog house will exorcotes in intestinal parasites such as puppies in about one month after the puppy was born, and short -acting short -acting needles (such as two -meal seedlings) in 42 ~ 45 days. The puppy delivered to the new owner and instructed the new owner to go to the veterinary office for a long -term prevention needle (hexagonal seedlings) at the puppy for 3 months. Before preventing the injection of the needle injection, pay attention to the puppy's health. Do not change, take it to the excellent veterinarian office to inject the prevention needle, you must not take a bath within two weeks. You can use a hot towel to wipe your body, brush the whole body with a comb, and do not take it out for a walk.

    We puppies that should be paid attention to:
    The raw worm parasites: Most of them are directly transmitted to puppies through the mother, such as ball bugs, pear -shaped whip worms, hookworms, and the parasites. Paralyze in the dog's intestinal wall cells for non -sexual reproduction. When there are too many worm bodies, it is easy to cause malignant anemia for puppies and malnutrition. In severe cases, it will cause nutritional imbalance and death. Do not care about it! After taking a bath, it has loss of appetite, flowing nose, cough, fever, sneezing, vomiting, and diarrhea. The puppy changing the environment to change the owner and the food is a great test for them, so don't rush to help it take a bath. If it is too dirty, wipe it with a wet paper towel. : The puppy has a good appetite and very active, but the throat seems to be stuck. Kaka coughs: If the dog shop has a dog in a dog when buying a dog, it is likely to have this disease. Pay attention to puppy nutrition or hospital examination and treatment to prevent transforming into canine plague

    佝偻 佝偻 注意: separate toes, "0" or "X" type in the front corner, the calcium deficiency of the female dog, directly It affects the growth of puppy bones. Pay attention to the management of dog houses. The feed is good or bad, and the sunlight has a great impact

    gastroenteritis: feed vomiting, water drinking and vomiting. Wood slices, plastic, paper, etc.), food changes, chemicals, intestinal parasites, etc. Therefore, when no one is watching, don't let it go around, the dog cage is the safest.
    The symptoms are mucus and blood at the end of defecation.

    er puppies for three to four months

    The change of feeding: puppy can be changed to three meals a day at this time, and their food and weight will be due to each due to each food and weight. Only the puppy absorption is slightly different from the amount of exercise (please refer to the amount of feeding on the dog food and distribute the amount of three meals on average). Whether the dog digests normally in the stool into a strip, you can easily check it. The function is not good, so although the feces are not easy to pick up but become a strip shape, as long as it is not as long as the pupil shape is normal), the stomach should not be too large after meals. Because the puppy legs cannot support the weight, the food is too much, and the feet will deform. It is difficult to adjust it in the future, so the weight ratio weight is the best breeding method.

    The epidemic prevention and deworming: Keep in mind and execute the original formulation of insect repellent and epidemic prevention

    The behavior of the dog:
    The age of age is like the start of the kindergarten or the first grade of elementary school. At this time, in addition to the fixed point of the usual education, it is also the start of the owner to develop and develop basic obedience training. The habit is developed by the owner. For example, when I was young, I was very cute and placed it on the sofa or on the bed. When I grew up, I went to the sofa bed to blame it. This is the owner's mistake. As long as you do it right, you can praise it. Give it a few feeds, and you can't do anything that you can't do loudly. Can't feed things other than feed, especially what the owner eats what puppy eats, because people eat things with seasonings, puppies will become picky food, do not eat feed, nutrition will be unbalanced, it is easier to get sick. It is difficult to feed in the future. It is difficult to feed in the future. Essence
    So the owner's mentality and peaceful concept must be developed by themselves, otherwise, the habit that your dog has developed after growing up, the owner will pay more than time for re -education!

    Pukes to observe several behaviors: As the owner of pets, you have the responsibility and obligation to understand your dog and then educate it, so that your dog's dogs are integrated into the people -oriented social life as soon as possible
    The following is the following is the following is Common symptoms of dogs, please think about observation and improve
    (1) Separation of anxiety --- Dogs who cannot stay at home (leave the owner) of the dog
    1. No Bar barking
    2. Severe drooling
    3. Bite things to destroy
    4. Poop such as anywhere
    5. Inferity or lower appetite
    6. Try to escape the owner's given **
    7. Excessive licking or bite body
    improvement method:
    1. Let the dog participate in obedience training --- wait for more than 15 minutes
    2. -In the cage for more than 6 hours
    3. Don't say goodbye to the dog when you go out
    4. Open the TV or radio sound
    5 when you go out. Do not say hello to the dog when you go home
    6. Simulate the movements before going out; --- Develop your leadership
    9. Help physician, use drug treatment worry behavior
    (2) Leader (power) syndrome group
    When you get out of the following symptoms (not necessarily appearing)
    1. When you walk out, you like to pull the rope and walk in front of the owner.
    2. Stop.
    3. Don’t obey the command of the owner.
    4. Holding the action of the owner of the thigh.
    5. During training, teeth will reveal or attack the owner.
    7. Delicate pee on the owner's items.
    8. It is forbidden to get closer to anyone during meals. Participate in the training.
    2. Only after the owner after eating.
    3. Let the dog sit down before feeding.
    4. r n5. Let the dog lying down expose the abdomen, and gently touch the whole body.
    6. For the dog's chaos, in addition to punishment, do not ignore it.
    7. Let the dogs follow us when going out, Not we follow it
    8. The owner must be able to control the rhythm of the dog's daily life, such as when to eat, play, rest, etc. instead of Weisun obey its will
    The basic habits of the dog should be understood: the ancestor of the dog is a wolf. Although after more than 10,000 years of breeding and domestication, in its genetic genes Group residence. Socialism is one of them.
    Wolf is a group of animals. They usually seven. Eight are a group. Different; zoologists are accustomed to referring to the leaders of the wolf group as the Alfant Wolf. The ethnic group includes the distribution of food, the peacefulness of the dispute, and the responsibility of the descendants. The status in the ethnic group and obey the leadership of the Alfa wolf. This is the society of the wolf.
    So what is the dog? Although it has evolved for a long time, the dog still has the nature of these wolves, but the group lives, but the group lives in groups, The objects have been expanded from the same kind to those who raise them. At home, the dog treats each family as a part of the ethnic group, live with us, play together, hunt together (walking).
    人类共同生活的时间裏,感觉敏锐的狗儿已在我们不知不觉中,为自己於家中的阶级地位来定位;也就是它们清楚的知道:谁是家裏面的阿尔发狗,而哪些人只But it ’s my own playmate. So there was an interesting phenomenon: the dog's order to some people obediently obeyed, and it was ignorance of some people. The way everyone gets along with the dog in the family and the attitude of discipline is different.
    The original nature of the dog's group living, we can get a few conclusions:
    It retains the nature of obeying the leader in the ethnic group. (Because cats are living alone, they are strong, so it is difficult to train).
    The status in the dog at home is Methods, jointly decided.
    This to teach dogs to obey the command (control this dog). What about the boss of the dog? This requires the owner to carefully observe the dog behavior mode to deal with it!
    first understand the dog's thinking mode
    In our lives, it is precisely because our relationship with dogs is? We often explain the motivation of dog behavior with human ideas, ignoring the dog's thinking mode different from human thinking; , Make us communicate with dogs. Discipline and training have caused a lot of problems. Then do you know what your dog is thinking? What does it feel for you? Thinking mode can enter their inner world and further establish the correct relationship with them
    This dogs will not make any comparison or judging their lives, let alone the identity of the owner. We dressed it with flowers, feeding them the best and most expensive食物,所满足的,只不过是主人内心的需求罢了;而且受到过度溺爱的狗,往往会混淆与主人的关系,进而挑战主人的领袖地位,产生种种的问题行为rn狗以直觉与The basis of experience as action is to live in the natural world; and people judge with morality and value, living in the world of emotions; so when we correct the wrong behavior of dogs Come to convince them, and it cannot be discussed with them, but it must be stopped immediately with clear. Only in this way can they clearly understand the errors. The logic of thinking about the cause and consequences of human beings cannot be understood, so we must punish it immediately when it is making a mistake, so that it can associate it with the wrong behavior. For it in one minute or one hour, it The mistakes made by the previous one are probably just in vain; and a consistency attitude must be consistent in order to make it meet our expectations. The discipline method will make the dog feel inexplicable and unsuccessful, so the attitude of the dog discipline must be developed from an early age, implemented, and cannot be relaxed.
    When the animal owner
    The method of punishment for dogs must be imitated by the man dog discipline puppies, clear and direct to get the best effect
    reward and correction, and must be carried out immediately at the right time. After missing the first time, we lost its role
    The problem behavior of our understanding of dogs
    The so -called dog problem behavior is a bad habit that causes all the troubles of the owner's home life, but these are these Behavior does not mean that the dog itself has any problems, but to measure dogs purely with whether it is troublesome to people; common problem behaviors are separate anxiety diseases. Fear attacks. We only discuss some of the most common problems of the most common problems
    The dogs treat the whole family as a common living group, some autonomy. Dogs with strong dominance will challenge the owner's authority and want to become the leader at home at home. , That is, to be the so -called Alfato dog, so there are some problems. Animal behavior scholars call these dogs suffer from leadership syndrome. It will roughly have the following signs and the behavior of the behavior represented:
    (( 1) I like to force the rope when walking out and walk in front of the owner.
    (walking at the forefront when hunting, when the leader in the group)
    (2) Call, ignore the owner's stop.
    (There is a leader **, unwilling to act freely **; maybe there may be separate anxiety disorders)
    (3) It will be chaotic when staying at home alone will be chaotic. Bite things, chaos and urination.
    (I think I am a leader, and when I cannot go out together, I will be anxious, and then various destructive behaviors will appear; this is also one of the signs of separation of anxiety)
    (4) Don’t obey the command of the owner.
    (I want to be a dog, I do not want to accept the command of the lower status in the ethnic group)
    (5) I often rush to the owner.
    (Dogs often rush to the owner because it believes that it is equal to the status of the owner)
    The action of mating with the owner of the thigh.

    (7) Unwilling to lie in front of the owner to expose the abdomen.
    (The abdomen is the most vulnerable part of the dog, the lying on his back exposure to the abdomen is a representative service. The meaning of obedience)
    During training, it will reveal teeth resistance or attack the owner.
    (I think it is Alfa dog, unwilling to accept the owner's discipline)
    It is the basis for us to judge its severity. Besides, most dogs have more or less symptoms. As long as the owner can tolerate, it does not matter if you open your eyes and close your eyes. , But if you have trouble, you must correct it as soon as possible to get the real fun of raising dogs.
    The reason why many stray dogs are abandoned because the owner cannot correct the dog's problem behavior.
    Many of the problems of dogs are caused by the owner and the dog. There is no correct relationship. The cause of the problem that the problem dog generates is people rather than the dog

    . Generally, the general situation Next, when the dog just arrives in the new environment, you will urinate anywhere, teach you a few ways to make it develop habits.
    1. If you often at home, the way to teach puppies to row dung urine is that after he has just eaten, woke up or moved, you can immediately bring him outside the house. Generally, he will have dung urine. If you see him in a circle and smell the ground, it is a kind of behavior before urination. If your door is often opened or there is a yard, you don't want to hold a puppy to the outside of the house to discharge urine, you must bring him out. Such training can develop the route and outsourcing of him to go in and out. During urine, you run out of dung and urine. If you are regular up and down, you can adopt this method, but it is best to be locked in the cage at the beginning, and then develop the habit of taking him out regularly. After he is used to it Ustenly, dung and urine when you go out.
    2. If you stay in the apartment or the door often, the best way to have no yard is to use the so -called pad newspaper method. The puppy who just grabbed home is best to be kept in a slightly wider cage or ** within a certain range or tied to a certain place with dogs. In this small range, you can put some newspapers everywhere there. God you can see that he often discharges urine at a certain location, and you can put the other parts in this small range without paving newspapers and only paving newspapers in a specific place. When you start to shop in a specific place, you Generally, there are a few more newspapers. As long as the newspaper is not wet, you can leave the first newspaper for the first time the next pad newspaper. With so patient with 2 to 3 weeks of training, your dog can probably let go of it in Freedom in the room (the exception of dogs who like to bite). However, when you first raise a puppy in that small range, you should consider it carefully, whether this small range in the future is where you want him to urinate most.
    The above two methods are quite spiritual. Regardless of the method, if you encounter "accidents" during the training process, puppy arranges in improperly. Grab him or he sniff, because you often train him to accidentally train a dog who sees you when he sends his predicate or to show your dung urine when he is convinced or scared, be careful! Be careful! You may say that your dog just comes out so that you will not urinate anywhere. Maybe you just caught the current criminal when he durates and urine. dog. If your dogs are daring and urine in the same place where you don't like dung and urine, then you should use the neck circle and strip ring for a few hours or a day in the place. So puppy will not like this place and avoid this place Open it.

  2. Details that should be paid attention to in the dog breeding process
    1. During the puppy period, if you can occasionally feed the appropriate amount of raw meat or fish, it will help the dog's development. However, we must break the fish bone and fishbone.

    2. If the puppy eats rice, it will cause indigestion of gastrointestinal disorders. Therefore, it is necessary to cook soft food.
    3. Do not feed only meat without rice.
    4. Biscuits with less sugar as snacks are also the way to subsidize dinner.
    Themaker after 5 or 3 weeks can feed cattle, sheep milk and soup outside breast milk, but the soup cannot contain too much fat, otherwise it will easily lead to diarrhea.
    6. The puppies around January can use porridge foods made of minced meat, rice, corn flour, flour and vegetables with breastfeeding.
    7, 35 to 45 days of dogs can be cooked with thick soup, plus appropriate amount of coarse grains, vegetables, fish and salt as the staple food. During this period, please drive a parasite in the body at a time.
    8. Change the puppy's drinking water in the morning and evening.
    9. After the little dog grows to 4 to 5, the bones gradually grow. Food cannot contain too much oil ingredients.
    10. After 5 to 6 months, the dog can feed the soft rice and add an appropriate amount of coarse grains and vegetables containing less fiber to supplement vitamins. This is a critical period for the growth and development of dogs, and must provide sufficient food nutrition.
    11. When the puppy grows to August, the female dog will begin to experience physiological phenomena. Vaginal bleeding will last for 2 to 3 weeks. When the amount of bleeding is reduced, the pussy will swell and enter the ovulation period. Essence The female dog is only matched during this period, and it is best to circle or tie it to avoid getting close to the male dog. After 5 to 6 months, it is more appropriate to mate and give birth to the second estrus.
    12. The calcium supplement of the puppy is best to start from the age of the small dog to June age. The dose and time can be dependent on the development of the dog.
    A more knowledge about pet breeding, you can find it on the pet network every day, many.

  3. You can use shampoo but it is best to use the kind of ham sausage and rice for babies. But if you need to supplement calcium regularly, if you are a variety of medium -sized dogs, you need to eat calcium tablets every day
    He is more troublesome to train in a fixed place, but after training, it will save my method as follows
    The place where he often moves the newspaper and wait for him to urinate. Don’t take away the newspaper with urine on the newspaper. Do not move. Because there is a urine smell on the newspaper, the drainage will also be drained after the last time you are discharged. Local urine stool. Because the dog is accustomed to draining on the newspaper, you can put the newspaper at the location you want to drain him
    The at first you will be more annoying because the dog will bite the newspaper and tear him everywhere Patience because he doesn't understand you and can't understand your instructions.
    The should be peeing in a fixed place, but the stool is still very casual to clean up and remove the odor after each time you pass the stool.
    PS: I used almost a week for my golden retriever to know that I would use the same way to use the same way to use the same way to use the dog toilet

  4. 1. Although milk is not very suitable for dogs, it can still be fed. The landlord can go to the pet store to buy a special dog milk powder, which is about 170! You can mix rice with milk egg yolk. Essence Essence
    Min dog is about 4 times a day. Essence Essence Every time I feed the dog's belly, you don't have to feed it anymore.
    2.3 months can be played. Essence Essence The premise is no cold! You can take it directly to the pet hospital. Essence Essence It's 3 stitches. Essence Generally, it is 5 consecutive seedlings
    3. If it is a male dog, it is troublesome. Essence If it is a bitch, put it on the toilet head ~
    and then probably smell it by itself (my dogs are hit out ~~ Just hit it outside, and then it will be it yourself. I know where to be beaten wherever ... haha. It is cruel.)
    4. Take a bath, 2-3 months can be washed. Ear into the water! Intersection After washing, you must use a water -absorbent towel to apply the dog's ears! Then what is blowing, otherwise the dog is prone to catch a cold
    It hopes to be useful to the landlord ~~~ Hehe.

  5. 1. Although milk is not very suitable for dogs, it can still be fed. The landlord can go to the pet store to buy a special dog milk powder, which is about 170! You can mix rice with milk egg yolk. Essence Essence
    Min dog is about 4 times a day. Essence Essence Every time I feed the dog's belly, you don't have to feed it anymore.
    2.3 months can be played. Essence Essence The premise is no cold! You can take it directly to the pet hospital. Essence Essence It's 3 stitches. Essence Generally, it is 5 consecutive seedlings
    3. If it is a male dog, it is troublesome. Essence If it is a bitch, put it on the toilet head ~
    and then probably smell it by itself (my dogs are hit out ~~ Just hit it outside, and then it will be it yourself. I know where to be beaten wherever ... haha. It is cruel.)
    4. Take a bath, 2-3 months can be washed. Ear into the water! Intersection After washing, you must use a water -absorbent towel to apply the dog's ears! Then what is blowing, otherwise the dog is easy to catch a cold

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