One dream talks about dogs: Why is the dog in the dog market so cheap and the dog in the dog is so expensive

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  1. It is often said that dogs in the pet market are cheap, but have you ever thought about why the dog market is so cheap? Let me analyze the cost of raising dogs, everyone will be clear. The cost of raising dogs: the cost of breeding dogs, dog farm facilities (mainly cages), dog's diet nutrition, dog's healthy immunity, and puppy birth!
    This dogs from the pet market, the cost of those dogs is very small, almost negligible. Friends send it, or buy a bitch at a low price, find a male dog to match, have a nest, this nest comes out, leave a male dog, the bitch stays all, and the dogs are slowly formed. Of course, you will not consider these issues such as close relatives. Some do not even need a male dog, because there are dog farms that are specifically provided, with one or two hundred yuan, or even dozens of dollars at a time. As for the quality of the dog's quality and purebred, the difference is rare, just see it.
    2, the cost of raising dogs, the dog farm has a simple house. The biggest expense may be cages, of course, the cheapest cage. 99%of the dog's time is of course in the cage, and it is rare to come out for a while. Of course, the breeding is going out. I have also seen it, hey, hey is in a cage, because the male pussy is used to it in a cage, and he refuses to match it outside, so he has to put it in the cage together. They are pretty good. It is impossible to prepare a larger yard at all to give dog activities.
    This dogs are basically not immune every year. The bitch began to take aphrodisiac injections in 6 months, and the estrus was breeded. The dogs with aphrodisiac needle were particularly available. After 2 months, the puppy was born, and the puppy started to sell to first -class dog vendors by 20 days to 1 month. At this time, the puppy station was unstable, and walking on the ground was half a climbing. Of course, it is impossible to get a vaccine. Of course, the price of selling is also very cheap, with dozens of dollars to hundreds of dollars. Generally, first -level dog vendors receive dogs, and after the second, third -level and other dog vendors fall, people who buy dogs we buy to buy dogs in the pet market will be at most a week. After the puppy left, the dog was immediately aphrodisiated with the bitch, and quickly became estrus, and then distributed, and then regenerated after 2 months. Basically, a nest of puppy can come out for 4 months. One year is 3 nests. The every year when the bitch works, it is time to breed, get pregnant, and feed. Then the bitch can be given to her or not to match. You can count the cost of such a puppy.
    . Dogs of professional dog houses, small and medium -sized dogs cost almost 300 yuan per month. It's right. The cost of raising dogs in large dogs is higher. At most a year, the cost of puppy is higher than the retail price of dogs sold in the pet market. Moreover, it is not born in two nests a year. Better dog houses are not breed every time in estrus. Generally, it will be separated once. For the health of the bitch, the bitch will not be given to the age of four or five. This is a not small cost to give her an end to the elderly.
    This is the reason why puppies in the pet market are much cheaper than general dog houses or puppies raised by families. Of course, it is also the reason why the dog market has a low level of survival rate!

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