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  1. Common pet dogs generally have the following; Polish Low Shepherds, Caddy Gee Covered Dogs, Sydei Shepherds, Polly Dogs, Wieris Corgi Dogs, British Shepherds, Cunnu, Berry Dog , Franlet Fedeing Dog, Border Shepherd, Belgian Tanibian Dog, Belgian Shepherd, Belgian Marinos Dog, Keli Shepherd, Australian Cow Dog, Saluko Dog, Rodsia Better, Pharaoh Hound Dog , Odar Hound, Norwegian Hound, Irish Wolf Hunter, Irish Sand Hound, Harry Dog, Lenit, Norfen Sir, Schinari Dog, mini bull head stalk standard Manchester stalk, lakeside stalk Kellylan stalk, Irish Irish Short -footed Diwen stalk bull stalk British fox hunting dog, sausage dogs, Susan Russian hound dogs, blood hounds, black -brown hunting dogs, Baggi Dog, Lhasa dog, Dutch lion dog, French bullfighting dog, Finland, Finland Dogs, American Eskimo, toys, fox hunting stalks, British toy hunting dogs, butterfly dogs, Australian silk hair stalks, toys Manchester stalks.

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