Where can I buy white Jingba dogs (cheaper, purebred)?

In Shenzhen, public or mother does not do it.

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  1. There is a
    in Baden Street, Futian District. Dial 160 query.
    Luohu: 10 Honggang Garden, Luohu District, Shenzhen is the

    of Beidou Road (behind the 39th hotel) and Houhai Road (opposite to the Houhai) Shenzhen Two largest pet shop streets!
    The next to the Huixin Garden of Wenjindu Port, there are more than 10 pet shops. They are all very formal.

    You can also have a pet shop on Cuizhu Road opposite Cuiyuan Middle School
    /8/shop/wd.php? WDID = PETBABY

    It this URL, you can also go to it, it is Shenzhen Pet Network
    The introduction.

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