Cat Travel Notes Pet Problem Cartanent Grade

Now the Master of Cat Traveling Master is good or the demon bubble? Don't mistake the children-be accurate (all money!)

6 thoughts on “Cat Travel Notes Pet Problem Cartanent Grade”

  1. Personally, I feel that the beast is better as a warrior. Yes
    Do Boli, as an ice mage, is a perfect control mage. It is invincible for fast occupations (daggers and claws). The most afraid of the mage is actually a high -injury soldier (the fierce pumping cannon can not respond to the high -injury soldiers can be available for seconds), and the high -injury warrior can break the shield. The most terrible

  2. Strongly recommend Demon Beli!
    The devil Polly or rice cake is the first choice of claws
    If you want to practice rice cakes
    must be practicing claws
    and Demon Polly do FS absolutely potential
    France is the Perak invincible
    , although it is not good to brush the monster
    , there are large
    The equipment of 30, 45, 60, 75, 77 n of course
    The premise is that you are absolutely willing to spend money
    Emperor, fat snakes and chicks are much better
    The equipment is good and basically purple. Use invincible)
    and if possible, add some cards
    mad and bring a good purple mount
    Fa compare claws
    , and most of the cross -service ZS rely on money
    all practiced claws
    and gun

  3. I have been playing with cats for N years ~! It has always been a little mage
    of course the demon bubble ~! I am quite eager for the devil bubble ~!
    Recommended ice method ~! Demon bubble ice method level to 80 skill level to 70 is quite powerful
    If you have money to recommend equipment
    Revenge 5a Falis 3 jewelry with enhanced mana fragments enhanced dragon sculptures if you have The jewelry backpack can also bring a reinforced rocket launcher or the different battle emblem, the rocket actively attacking the battle to defend others' attacks ~!

    If the money is not enough
    then burning soul 8! Intersection The jewelry mission is given ~!

  4. New Year's Pack PK is the first choice! It is recommended that you look at the cross -service, and there are several years of beast claws quite ruthless.

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