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  1. What are the effects of dog mouth cover
    It what are the effects of dog mouth cover? Now more and more people are raising pets. Many people will raise dogs in daily life. When raising pet dogs Put the dog's mouth on the dog's mouth. For this dog's mouth, everyone wants to know what related functions are. Let me share the role of the dog's mouth cover. Let's take a look.
    What are the effects of dog mouth cover? 1. Prevents demolition, reduce destruction behavior
    Sometimes, dogs may be destroyed at home because they are too bored, bite the furniture, and mouth The set can effectively control the dog's destruction behavior, which also reduces the trouble of the owner, but if you are not at home, don't wear your mouth, because the dog still needs to eat. The dog is put in the cage.
    2. Prevent licking and chaotic relatives
    The dogs are very enthusiastic about the owner or the owner's friends. Dogs like to express their closeness by licking their cheeks, but some people do not like to be subject to the dog The dog licks, and the dog licking people on the mouth of the mouth will also be reduced a lot.
    3. Prevent picking and smelling behaviors, prevent poisoning
    The petlance owners will think about putting a leading rope for the dog when going out and walking the dog, but rarely the owner will give the dog to the dog Dogs put on the mouth cover, and the dog likes to pick up food and smell it on the way to walk. If you see that you can eat it, it will be delivered to the mouth regardless of the three seven twenty -one. Cases that cause death are also common.
    4. Prevent dogs from screaming, noisy others
    Dogs sometimes barking for no reason, and these dogs are screaming to bring great trouble to the owners or neighbors, and also It will let others complain, so we put on a mouth cover for dogs, which can prevent the dog from barking from barking. The dog barking may be because you have not walked the dog or hungry in time. Good method.
    5. To prevent biting others or dogs
    Whether it is a small dog or a medium and large dog, although the dog is docile, the dog will always have aggressive species, and you will bite when you do n’t pay attention to it. People, or they can fight, especially some fierce dogs, may be killed by people or dogs, and natural things will not happen when wearing a mouth cover.
    It what is the role of dog mouth cases 2
    This dogs like to wear mouth cases to help many work in the future
    Perhaps in our opinion, the mouth cover is just an emergency item, as long as the dog is enough If you are docile, you can do a lot of operations even if you do n’t help the dog wear a mouth cover, so in general, we do n’t deliberately train dogs to familiarize themselves with mouth cases. Dogs wear it. However, the importance of the mouth cover is far higher than we think, and there are quite a lot of use of the mouth cover. Therefore, the usual training allows dogs to better adapt to the mouth sleeve at critical times.
    The dogs need to put on the mouth cover. There are many occasions, and they can bring higher security whether they and others. When a dog is injured, it must make people look at the wound, no matter how good the dog is, at this time, it is likely to cause an attack due to pain. question. In addition, when a dog's beauty or usually, there may be a need for wearing a mouth cover. Instead of forcing it to wear it at the moment, it is better to train it. Guarantee the safety of doctors and beauticians.
    The also ensure the safety and health of the dog. If the veterinarian does not have to worry about being attacked, the process of diagnosis or treatment can be more careful and detailed. Beauty artists can also carefully conduct the process of cleaning and sorting. It can be said that the two are beautiful.
    In addition to this, the mouth cover also helps to avoid dogs attacked or counterattack due to bite or trying to bite, further deepening the adverse impressions of the beauticians or cosmetic places, veterinarians, assistants or veterinary hospitals, and the bad impression of the veterinarian, assistant or veterinary hospital, and the bad impression of the veterinarian, and the veterinary hospital, and the bad impression As a result, it is more difficult to diagnose or cosmetic in the future.

    usually draws some time to train it
    It owners may say that their dogs are very docile and generally do not attack others. But there are exceptions in everything, and even the docile dogs will make certain protection measures because of pain. Some dogs suffer from severe trauma and need to clean up the wound, which will inevitably cause great pain. Therefore, even if the dog is usually very docile, it may also be attacked, so it has to be prevented.
    In an ideal state, if the owner can train dogs to cooperate with all the beauty and medical procedures, then the mouth cover is not as useful, but obviously this is impossible. Moreover, under the situation of the above pain attack, many times the dogs have to put on their mouth cases, so the choice we face is: let the dogs voluntarily put on the mouth case, or forced it, and the danger of being bitten. Or scold it to it, and then help it put on his mouth.
    . Although we can choose the latter, a few dogs will give up struggle and bear silently, but a large number of dogs will try to dodge after one or two forced experience, struggle, roar and nose, make momentum open Bite or really bite, bite people and bite their mouths, the more times they are forcing them to wear, the more the dogs will resist. Some dogs who are not suitable for mouth cover will keep shaking their heads and want to pick up their mouths with their claws. This is not good for beauty or medical operations.
    So it usually takes some time to make dogs better adapt to the mouth cover is a better choice. Of course, it is not just training to wear a mouth cover, but to let them like to wear a mouth cover, that is, no matter whether the dog can wear or not, it can be comfortable, not although not resisting to wear the mouth case, but it is not resistant to wearing mouth cases, but it is not resistant to wearing mouth cases, but it is not resistant to wearing mouth cases, but it is not resistant to wearing mouth cases, but it is not resistant to wearing mouth cases, but it is not resistant to wearing mouth cases, but it is not resistant to wearing mouth cases, but it is not resistant to wearing mouth cases, but it is not resistant to wearing mouth cases, but it is not resistant to wearing mouth cases, but it is not resistant to wearing mouth cases, but it is not resistant to wearing mouth cases, but it is not resistant. The excitement will become worse.

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