1 thought on “Where is the Wuxi pet dog market? Will it flicker?”

  1. Dear, I remember there seems to be a dog market near Huai An Road. As for whether it will be pitted, it is hard to say. If you do n’t understand the dog, you will still be fooled and buy a high -priced dog. My male girlfriend did not understand dogs before, but my male girlfriend wanted to buy Teddy I liked, so I watched it everywhere in Wuxi, and the result was still 900 yuan. My male girlfriend, this Teddy, bought it to 1500 yuan. Later, my friend Xiao Li knew that my male girlfriend bought a teddy, and I showed me a video. The video name was: Wuxi low price buying tutorial. After I watched it, I found that my male girlfriend was really fooled. The Teddy bought by the male girlfriend was only 600 yuan. Therefore, if you want to buy a dog in Wuxi, you must watch this video. Don't be like my male girlfriend, only Teddy, which is only 600 yuan, but buy it to 1500 yuan. I hope my answer can help you.

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