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  1. Pu speed trains can handle pet consignment. High -speed rail or motorcycles cannot carry pets to get on the car, nor can they handle pets.
    1. After the passenger purchases the train ticket, you need to take a pet to the "Animal Quarantine Qualification Certificate" to the Animal Health Supervision Institute a day in advance. Credit "qualification certificate" can be checked. Specific price consultation local railway department.
    2. You need to prepare your own pet cage for pet consignment. You need to use iron wire or steel bars. The carton must not be checked. The cushion is tied below, so that the pets will not leak to pollute other goods.
    3. When the pet reaches the purpose of the pet, this animal quarantine certificate should still be within the validity period. After obtaining the county animal quarantine certificate, you need to bring a pet and take this proof to the local railway veterinary quarantine station stamp.
    This luggage entrusted to the railway shall not be clipped with valuables such as currency, securities, precious cultural relics, gold and silver jewelry, and archives, as well as national prohibitions and restrictions on transportation items and dangerous goods.

  2. When applying for train pets, you need to apply for animal quarantine certificates, and you need to carry the corresponding container to install it.

    1. The railway consignment pets must have animal quarantine certificates issued by the animal and plant quarantine unit recognized by the railway department, mainly to provide animal quarantine certificates issued by the health quarantine department at or above the county level. Check in pet check -in procedures.

    2, pets must be installed with iron containers carried by the passengers themselves, and the cage is required to be a reinforced structure. In order to prevent the stool from leaking other goods, the two sides of the cage need to be used for extraction (can be made with lead silk) when extraction.

    3. Two hours before the train started, take the pet to the row of the train station to consign the scale. Consignment pets with luggage, the cost of pets depends on its weight and trains.

    4. On the day of departure, take the procedures for checking in the train to check in the train. It is best to go to the train station for a period of time in advance to bring the dry food, water and so on.

    5, after the train arrives, the accompanying personnel can go through the delivery procedures with the license and ID card half an hour later.

  3. Pay content for time limit to check for freenAnswer Hello, I am a professional respondent in this question area. I am glad to answer the answer for you. It is sorting out the answers for you.nHello, can the high -temperature weather consignment dogs now be carried?nAnswer the train can be checked. Train consignment pets need to go through pet consignment and escort procedures on the day of ride. If the distance is within 200 kilometers, no feeding is needed halfway, and you can not handle it. If you only check the consignment, the weight of the pet cannot exceed 20kg. However, handling pets requires relevant documents, such as completing immune immune books, such as rabies immune certificates, other countries, also need to provide rabies virus antibody test reports, etc., and the reporting forms need to be about 15 days to 30 days. Therefore, some countries need to be prepared for more than a month in advance.nThe distance is possible. If the distance is long, it is recommended to consignment of the plane because it is too hot.nQuestion Jiamusi to JinannThe airplane weather is not checked by more than 30 degreesnCan you answer?nAnswer Jiamusi to Jinan is too far awaynYou still wait for the temperature 30 ° C before choosing empty transportationnAsk the train's consignment in a luggage car, is it ventilated?nAnswer and air -conditioned aircraft with air -conditioned air -conditioning does not exceed 30 ° C without transportation.nIt is in the suitcase, usually ventilated, and the conditions are good with air conditioningnIf you want to choose the train consignment, it is recommended that you put a little ice cubes in the pet cage, put more ice cubes, and cold fruits. It has always been low, and there are ice cubes, it is best to wrap it with a towel to prevent too cold, causing pets to catch a coldnMore 11nBleak

  4. The specific process of consignment pets on the train is as follows.

    First of all, you need to ask if the train you take is a carrier compartment and whether you can check the pet. If you can, you can buy tickets for the carriage. Then prepare the pet's quarantine certificate, and the quarantine certificate can be issued at the local animal quarantine. In addition, you need to prepare for security checks and disinfection proof, and you can go to the Animal Quarantine Service Center for handling. It is worth noting that these certificates are timeliness. You should not handle it too early, and you can handle it one or two days before the departure date. Bring all proofs and procedures to check the pets by train.
    Because of long -distance travel, you also need to prepare for pets, prepare pet boxes, and bring foot water and food for pets. It is best to be equipped with a petboard cushion with pets to prevent other goods from polluting other goods. Before the train departure, he weighed with a pet at the luggage consignment and paid the corresponding fee. [Click to query pet consignment freight]

    In the information about the pets of the consignment pets, it is recommended to choose my favorite pet. It belongs to the development of the times, and realizes the combination of online and offline, and solves the difficult points of the traditional model consultation, quotation, and tracking. Professional drivers come to the door to pick up pets, ensure pet safety throughout the process, use ice packs and air conditioners, feed on demand, professional pet carriages, exclusive pet airport safety channels, exclusive airport VIP lounges to completely solve the risk of traditional pets. Pets are more intimate to buy transportation accident insurance for each pet, so that customers will never fall out of favor. [Click to query pet check -in process]

  5. Pay content for time limit to check for freenAnswer dear, hello, your question has been received, sort out the answer ing ~~ Please wait a while, reply to you in about 5 minutes, please wait patiently ~~~nHello! I am very happy to answer you, the method of consigning pets on the train: Step 1: To tell pets that heavy cats and dogs can be handled by less than 20 kilograms; Step 2: Make sure whether to open a bank package business to call 12306 consultation, whether to reach the city whether to reach the city A package transportation business was opened; Step 3: Apply for animal quarantine qualification certification to carry pet immunization certificates, owner ID cards and other documents, bring pets to the animal health quarantine department Ventilation and breathable, strong and firm container: There are locking devices, water dispensers, and cushions that prevent animal feces leakage at the bottom, which cannot be a carton. Step 5: Go to the station to go to the station to go to the station on the day of the ride. The escort needs to go to the station at least 2 hours before the train drives to the station. If the train is not included in the luggage car, you can consult the right time for the charter room.nIf you arrive or arrive with your pet, get off the car to collect pets after getting off the car. If pets are checked alone, they should be collected at the station in the station according to the train timetable. When you are late in the train, you can ask the station staff.nConsignment precautions: ⑴ If the travel time is long, remember to prepare appropriate food and water for cats, dogs and dogs; ⑵ Due to temperature differences between regions, you can take the necessary warmth measures for them in advance; Consignment stations and trains are not at the same station. Please arrange travel according to factors such as the station distance and driving time.nI hope my answer can help you and wish you a happy life! Intersection Intersectionn3 morenBleak

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