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  1. Dogs cannot get on the train.
    The dogs cannot get on the train. All pets cannot bring on transportation such as train, airplane, subway, etc., so dogs cannot get on the train, but they can be checked for dogs, or they take their own driving or taxis to take the dog out. If you want to check in the dog, you must give the dog a good proof of epidemic prevention in advance, and then go through a series of related procedures.

  2. Whether dogs can put on transportation tools need to be combined with some regulations of the local quarantine department. The train is strict, and you need to inquire about whether you can carry pets in advance. Relevant departments may require the owner to show the pet vaccine of the pet, etc., and some even require the consignment. Generally, after the vaccine is vaccinated in a regular hospital, it will be based on the immunization certificate of an animal husbandry bureau.
    The processing procedures and procedures with pets on the train:
    1. At least one week in advance to go to the nearby veterinary station to get rabies vaccine and cat triple, obtain an epidemic prevention certificate (if there are epidemic prevention certificates, you can do not need This step).
    2, one or two days in advance, not too early, up to two days in advance, bring a pet and epidemic prevention certificate to the nearby veterinary station (recognized by the railway department) to do a medical examination, obtain a health certificate A pet -out quarantine certificate.
    3, one day in advance, bring pets, and go to the railway veterinary station (animal quarantine station) to stamp.
    4, the train on the day, 2-3 hours in advance, bring pets, install it with special aviation boxes (can be made of self -made iron cages, but the container of the carton can not be), and go to the cargo consignment station at the railway station. Consignment procedures. If the previous procedures are complete, the procedures are particularly simple, which is to show the immune certificate and outbound quarantine certificate and the ticket of the day, and then receive a list to fill in, pound, charge.
    5. After the proof is completed, people cannot leave. They must always accompany the pet until they accompany the pet to enter the cargo compartment to settle the pet. Of course, people can return to the car they are taking to sit and sit. Essence
    6. After the station is off, the station to the arrival station takes the pets with the pick -up single lead. Note that do not eat food for pets within four hours before going out. It is simply let pets suffer, but you can take some antidote for pets when you get in the car.

  3. Pay content for time limit to check for freenAnswer Hello, in accordance with relevant regulations, pets can take a train, but they need to be checked or escorted. Note: Being able to actively attack the beasts, raptors, such as snakes, scorpions, crickets, etc., can not bring the train! Followed by passengers with vision disorder, you can bring the guide dog directly to the station. You only need to bring a valid ID card, the disabled person's certificate, guide dog work permit and animal health certificate. 2. Pets can choose a railway to consign or escort passengers with pets. They need to go to the station to go to the station on the day of the ride, and the procedures for pets for pets and escort. The transportation distance is within 200 kilometers and does not need to be fed in the middle, but it will not be escorted. If you need to escort, please purchase the ticket to the train in advance and go through the escort procedures with the ticket.nAsk the question how to deal with it secretly on the train on the trainnAnswer Hello, if you secretly bring your pet to the train, if you find it, you will be fined lightly after discovery, and you will be ordered to get off the bus halfway, and may even be transferred to the railway police station for processing.nIt is recommended that you do not have to take a pet secretly on the car.nQuestion thesenthanksnThe answer is polite, if I can give it a praise, then I am very happy.n5 morenBleak

  4. The puppy can bring the train, but it only takes the formal procedures. Conditions carrying pets on the train:
    1. The most important thing for railway consignment dogs is that there must be animal quarantine certificates issued by the animal and plant quarantine unit recognized by the railway department. If pets have not been immune, you can go directly to the quarantine center of the railway system -railway veterinary station to receive immunity and obtain quarantine certificates;
    2. Generally speaking, the cage is required to be a reinforced structure, and there must be a tray for feces in the chassis. Or use a sack or cotton cushion to be tied to the chassis. The purpose is to not leak to contaminate other goods in the same goal. The two sides of the cage need to be used when you can be extracted (can be made with lead wires). tight.

  5. Pet dogs cannot bring the train. Pet dogs have to get angry, and they must be checked and escorted in advance. The biggest difference between consignment and escort is. Rhyme dogs are suitable for the owner in the same carriage. It is convenient for the owner to take care of and soothe the dog. It is best to give him dozens of hours before taking the dog on the train. If the motion sickness is reinstated in advance. Serve a motion sickness.

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