4 thoughts on “What cat is suitable for the silver sister?”

  1. The silver point is British short hair cat.
    The short -haired cat in the UK, with a round body shape, short limbs, short and dense hair, large head and round, gentle and calm, friendly to people, and easy to raise. Large and round eyes present various colors depending on the hair. As an ancient cat variety, its history can be traced back to the family cats in the ancient Roman period,
    Thenonly breeding history, it can be called a model of the cat family. In addition to the fixed and representative genetic characteristics, British short -haired cats are rich in variability, such as the color of the back hair color. More importantly, after a wide range of breeding history, this cat has a healthier body and a more tamed personality.

  2. Silver -point sister cats breed with what cats. Of course, the same type as him. Otherwise, if you breed with other types of cats, don't you just become a pure species?

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