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  1. The following emotional changes may occur after the dog is cut:
    1. Being angry
    Plip when the dog's hair is cut off, they may be dissatisfied when facing their new shapes, they may This is just as irrelevant to our haircut, and then the dog will lose his temper at the shoveling officer, and there will even be aggressive behavior, or the dog itself hates cutting hair, and the owner force it to cut it. They are also angry, so the owner may wish to look at the dog's attitude before cutting hair.
    2, becoming melancholic, inferiority
    It dogs will become hesitant after cutting hair. This is the most common situation. Basically, 90 % of dogs will be cut. In the future, it becomes melancholic, likes to hide, and does not want to see people. This is because of changes in styling. They have no way to accept it for a while, and even feel that they have become ugly. In response to this, the owner can often praise them and let them adapt slowly, and gradually this melancholy emotion will ease. rn3、兴奋,开心rn有些狗狗很热衷于做造型,对这种狗狗来说做造型就是一种享受,它们也会觉得做完造型的自己更加漂亮,因此就会His performance was particularly happy and excited.
    The method of cutting the dog

    1. Pruning the dog's face is not an easy task. The owner can try to start with the dog's eyebrows. Scissors cannot be at the eyes, so as not to touch the eyes when the dog moves.
    2, beard is an important detector of dogs, which cannot be cut around, and can be tidy with a little modification.
    3, the edge of the lips and the long hair of the mandibular mandibular is useless, and it will also affect the appearance, which must be cut off. Press its lips when trimming, so as to prevent it from suddenly chaotic and cause damage.
    4. Pay attention to the hair of the dog's ears. The hair on the inside of the ear can make the dog feel more comfortable in the hot summer.

  2. The standard Sherry (details introduction)
    usually we will not let it look in the mirror after helping the dog cut the hair, because some dogs will be shy Some dogs even often avoid and do not want to contact people. In fact, these are because the dogs can't accept the image of their current now, and may slowly adapt to it after a long time. So what are the emotional changes after the dog cuts the hair? Let's discuss it.

    1. The dog becomes very angry
    The dog may be dissatisfied with his new look, and he loses his temper to the owner, such as an attack. In fact, the dog may not adapt to the change of the hair, or it has a bad impression of cutting hair, or it is very disliked by cutting hair, and you force it to cut it. Therefore, for this situation, it is recommended that the owner first understand the dog's attitude towards cutting hair. Do not force cutting hair. When necessary, find a professional pet cosmetology to solve the problem.
    2. The dog looks very melancholy after the dog is cut
    This is a very common situation. According to statistics, the dogs with a statistics of up to 90 % become emotionally low after cutting hair. Drilling, why don't you come out? This is because the dog feels that his image is very different from before, and he can't accept it psychologically, and even feels ugly. In this regard, the owner can only wait for the dog to adapt. It takes a long time. It is estimated that the dog will ease it.
    . Dogs seem to be a little inferior
    After cutting the dogs, they may not want to play with other dogs. This is because the hair was part of the dog's body. When it saw that it was different from other dogs, it might appear in the heart of inferiority.
    The emotions may happen after the dog is shaved, so we should see if it cooperates before helping the dog shave. If they really do not want to shave Essence

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