4 thoughts on “How to trim the hair in the dog's ears”

  1. Hehe, the dog will feel itching because of hairy in his ears. First of all, you have to see if the dog is inflamed in your ears. For example, when you take a bath, you go in your ears. In this case, you can go to the hospital to find a doctor, or buy the dog dedicated to the dog. Ear night, it is not very expensive. Try it for Didi to see if it improves. If there is no inflammatory dog, but often shake your head and throw your ears, then it may be that the dog's ears are dirty. You can use a cotton swab to dip a few water or hydrogen peroxide to wipe the dog in your ears, but you don’t stretch the cotton swab to Wipe it inside, just wipe it where you can see it outside. Don't use alcohol, because the dog will be sensitive to the taste of alcohol, it will move fiercely, and you will not wipe it. Finally, I will tell you, don't cut the hair in the dog's ears. You have to know that the growing things growing on the dog are formed innately and have a protective effect on it. The hair in the ear can protect the dust and dirty things into Inside the ears ~ I hope your dog is healthy and happy ~ dear, seeing you leave a message saying that the dog is a squirrel dog, it is a long -haired dog, but I personally think that if the dog is not going to participate in what competition, or not to build it For the hair on the body, some dogs have been cut because of the hair. They are angry for many days and don't eat. Hehe, I hope your dog is happy ~

  2. If the dog is obedient, use the small scissors to flatten it, and trim it carefully! Because the hair in the ears is very small!

  3. Generally, it can be cleaned with hematopoietic tongs, and dogs with a lot of ear hair must be cleaned frequently, otherwise it is easy to suffer from otitis media or ear mites!

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