How to train the 4 -month Sydoti Shepherd?

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  1. Good living habits are trained and cultivated. We should first know that our training of dogs is to be responsible for it, but also to be responsible for our individual and society. We should be a pet owner with a high sense of responsibility. 1. A quantitative diet when eating can maintain people's health. It is also applicable to getting the love dog in the same reason. A. Most owners will feed dogs at a fixed time. And it is usually arranged in front of the owner's family. On the one hand, I ca n’t bear to worry about the dog ’s hungry. On the other hand, it is also to avoid having noise during meals. It cannot let the family enjoy a meal food, but this may also be the reason why the dog is self -righteous. The wild wolf (dog) group is a collective foraging. When the prey is captured, they are all the leaders enjoying the prey, and other dogs can only wait for it. Case. Only after obtaining the leader can they eat in order. This is the dog hunting method. Therefore, your dog also instinctively believes that it can eat the first person to represent the identity of its leader in the family. After a long time, it will become willful and does not obey the owner's words. Therefore, the bad habit of eating the first eating must be corrected. At the beginning, the dog may keep roaring to show its dissatisfaction, or follow the owner, and keeps away. But they must be hard -hearted, and they must not make concessions. The dog's compliance is very strong. As long as it takes a week, it will know that its status at home is not as what it thinks, so that dogs can become obedient and well -behaved. B. There is a saying called "swaying", and the owner must have found that when most dogs are eating, they will definitely sweep the food in one breath, almost no swallow, just like a vacuum cleaner. In fact, this is the nature of the dog's diet. C. A few meals a day: Due to the concept of physiology, it is recommended that the owner must have the concept of regular and quantitative. Six months ago, dogs are recommended to have three meals a day. Successs are recommended to have a meal a day in the future, and it should be quantitative regularly. 2. The nature of bowel puppies loves cleanliness and wants to please the owner of it. Therefore, it is not difficult to train indoor bowel movements for dogs that grow up normally. Puppies should usually train their habits at 6 to 8 weeks of age. Otherwise, it will be difficult to train it in the future. During bowel movements, we need our patience and perseverance. First of all, choose the right place for the puppy, spread the newspaper at the designated place (preferably near the door), and then spray the odor (imitation excretion odor) to attract the puppy to excrete here; Or when puppies need to excrete, put them on the newspaper so that puppies will associate excretion with newspapers. After the habit, there is no need to spray the odor, and the puppy will also excrete on the newspaper at the designated place. Or spread the newspapers within the scope of the puppy, the puppy chooses the place where you like it, and then remove the newspapers elsewhere. After the puppy is used to excrete it on the newspaper, the newspaper gradually moves the newspaper to the specified place. Then gradually reduce the paved newspapers until the puppies no longer need to shop newspapers. After the puppy is excreted, it should be cleaned immediately. The puppy may be excreted outside the specified point. If it is caught on the spot, it should be punished with light beating. Do not fight again. When the puppy is excreted where the specified place is, praise should be given. Slowly, the puppy can remember the position of the pot. Two weeks later, the puppy can defecate at the designated place. You should learn to identify when the puppies need to be excreted. Some dogs continue to circulate in place when they want to excrete, and others will smell the ground. These are the performances they want to go to the toilet. If your dog has such behavior, you must quickly take it to the toilet. After the male dog grows, it will divide the scope of its own power through the smell of urine. This is a unique habit of the male dog. But the family can no longer be divided, so it will make the furniture with urine flavor. At this time, the correct method is to prepare a urinary bucket for it indoors, so that it will freely divide the "sphere of influence" in the urine barrel. If environmental permission, when the puppy appears, it can be excreted outdoors or designated locations. Try to take a puppy to excrete outdoors and prepare snacks to reward it. After some dogs develop the habit of going to the toilet indoors, they will refuse to excrete outdoors. Therefore, when taking it out for a walk, you should try to train it to be used to excrete on the lawn or the concrete floor. Because dogs will think that there is a toilet where there is general urine, so you can bring a diapers with urine to train it for excretion outdoors. After the puppy is five or six months old, the muscles can control excretion like an adult dog. If the puppy can reduce the number of unexpected excretion at this time, it will soon mature to control its excretion consciously. After the training of dogs is ripening outdoors, there is one more thing to pay attention to. As a dog owner with a moral concept, when bringing dogs out to defecate, he should bring a small shovel, small dustpan or plastic bag. When the dog is excreted, you should shovel the feces into the bag and throw it into the trash can to maintain a good maintenance. Environmental hygiene. 3. Sleeping dogs are nest living animals, and are used to resting in its nest, and its requirements for the nest are also very high. This nest must be clean and comfortable! If the dog is not sleeping in your own nest, but going to sleep everywhere, it may be that the bed you arrange is not comfortable enough, not as much as it intention, you may wish to pay more attention and adjust it at any time. Do not let it go to your bed to sleep. The so -called "please be easy, it is difficult to send God". Once you let it go to bed, leave its smell on the bed, and it will be difficult to ask for it. The dog only sleeps its own nest, which means that it has its own bed, so it admits it, so remember to help it change the sheets every time, put it on the original cushion Below, add new pads above, so that it can still find its own taste from above, and it will take a rest dependence. 4. Make the dog even more obedient dog thinks that you are its owner and king, so at the beginning, it will naturally make up your desire to follow you. This kind of wish is that your dog always follows you all the time before you train your dog to be more obedient. Don't show impatience, it will make the smart dog sad. Dogs are not wrong. It just wants to stay with you. You should tell it in a more graceful way that you have to show a dog. You have to train dogs to learn to wait, which is used many times. First of all, let your dog sit on the ground according to your instructions. Such a posture is conducive to concentrating the dog, and then you tell it at the same time with gestures and language: "Don't move here." At this time How far is you just to see if the dog can keep moving when you leave. If the dog does not leave its original position, you will go back to encourage it, give it a little, touch its neck and shoulders, and let the dog see the expression you appreciate. You know, the dog can't understand you at all, no matter how smart the dog is. If you sometimes think that the dog is "understandable", it is just because it remembers the way you praise it. On the contrary, if you find that the dog follows after leaving, you must go back to repeat the training just now, and tell the dog with your expression and body language: you are not satisfied with its performance just now. Only in this way, the dog can understand the true meaning of "don't move here". In the future, you can gradually extend the time and distance of leaving, and the dog will gradually get used to waiting for you to come back. 5. Education Education puppy enters a period of richer emotion after 6 months of birth. Emotional foundation. At the same time, you can let it know how important you are for it. In addition, during this period, it can also let it contact people other than some family members, add some opportunities to play with other animals, which is very good for cultivating its social ability and honesty and cheerful personality. A. Communicate with language while playing with it, so that it gradually adapts to humans while talking to it while playing with it, making it realize that man is not a terrible animal. Soon, it will have a strong sense of trust in the owner. B. caressing is essential and can cultivate its consciousness. From the childhood, when the dog often sorts out the whole body, when combing the hair for the dog, not only should we touch the head and back, but also touch the sensitive parts of its fingertips, ears, and hips, so that it can gradually adapt to being used to be quilt. People caress and gradually realize that sorting out is actually a kind of enjoyment. In this way, it won't be so strenuous when you brush your teeth and take a bath in the future. After the dog is familiar with your intimacy, if it is lying on the ground in front of you, and exposing the stomach out, this means that it has "surrendered" you, and it is coquettish to you. Intersection At this time, you should stroke it gently, rub your small belly, touch its small head to satisfy it, and cultivate it to obey the owner's consciousness. C. Let it associate with people and other animals, cultivate its social ability. If the dog's social circle is limited to the family range, circulate it at home and only let it contact the family. Essence Once a new environment is changed, it will feel nervous. Therefore, in order to cultivate its sound and cheerful personality and social skills, it is necessary to make it contact with people and other animals since childhood to accumulate a lot of social experience. When making it contact with other dogs, in order to prevent it from having a sense of fear, you can let it come into contact with those mild dogs, then slowly contact other dogs, and let it be familiar with other puppies. Dog's language.

  2. Dogs are best to train from a young age, and the 4 -month -old Happy Siege Shepherd. This period is a good time to train it. In the process of training the happy shepherd, don't scold it casually, and you can't spoil it excessively. You should adopt a scientific training method to teach dogs. [My Mao Mao's 30 -day Secret Tip] There is a scientific method for training dogs. I suggest you go to see it.

    Dog dog care tips: Now more and more people are raising pet dogs. Since I have raised dogs, I have done some research on some behaviors of dogs. But there are many problems that have troubled me. For example, dogs suddenly do not like to eat, maybe this problem has also troubled many friends who raise dogs. The dog does not eat, the owner will be worried, worrying that it is hungry and worried that it will be sick. In fact, there are many reasons why dogs do not eat.

    Then dogs do not want to eat, maybe because of emotional affected. Poor emotions may cause dogs to reduce appetite, and may even lead to anorexia in the dog. For example, it is frightened, of course, it may be the food you prepared for it. It does not like to eat.

    It is the cause of the disease. There is a problem with some parts of the dog's body, which may directly cause the dog to not want to eat. Or the lack of certain elements in the body may also cause dogs to have anorexia. My dog ​​took it to the hospital for inspection without eating. The results of the examination were caused by endocrine disorders. Therefore, the dog recovered his appetite according to the doctor's suggestion.

    It is how anxious it is for dogs to not eat. If you find that your dog does not want to eat anymore, you should judge the reasons as soon as possible, and then apply the right medicine.

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