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  1. Many people now like pet dogs. The cute pet dog adds vitality and vitality to the family, and it can also make people feel happy. In the process of raising dogs, what people most hope is that dogs can understand their instructions, but they do not know how to train dogs to understand the owner's instructions. In order to solve the problem of dog obedience, I summarized some of my experience and knowledge and provided the following skills.
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    1. Selection of training opportunities
    The training dogs obedient, choose to train when dogs are conscious. This will have a better effect, which will not make the dog bored. Generally speaking, the best training time is after the dog wakes up and eats.
    2. The gestures and languages ​​used during training should be consistent.
    The in the early stage of dog training, it should be noted that the action language must be consistent, which is conducive to the understanding and memory of the dog, and forming an inertial reaction.
    3. Reward the dog.
    Is before training dogs, you have to choose the right prize. As long as the dog responds correctly, give a little reward, so that the dog not only knows that this is good for yourself, but also what the owner requires.
    4. The training method should be step by step.
    The IQ is far worse than humans, so it starts with the simplest training. For example, at the beginning, you can train your dog to pay attention to you, then train the dog to come over, then sit down and so on. Don't train dogs to climb stairs and jumping rings at the beginning.
    5. Grasp the training time.
    The training time for puppies is 1-2 minutes. The older the age, the longer the training time, but it is best not to exceed 15 minutes, otherwise the dog is prone to fatigue.
    6. The training method should be interesting and vivid.
    Is when training dogs, we should play games. The trainer does not have to be too strict and strict, but should treat them gently, so that the dog feels happy during training.
    Saka Sa Jin's warm reminder: The skills that dog training needs to master is about the above points. Generally speaking, as long as there is perseverance, it is not difficult to train dogs, and the training process will be relaxed and happy. Believe that you will gain a lot of effort.

  2. First of all, you need to find a special training place for dogs. Secondly, to formulate some regular instruction actions, bring more dogs to train, you can use encouraging training methods so that the dogs can know that they can get well to get a good job. Reward, this can be very obedient to train.

  3. You can cultivate feelings with dogs, and then prepare passwords for your baby. When talking about passwords, you must be clear. If the dog can make the instructions well, you can reward appropriately. If you do not do it well, you can punish them.

  4. You can send dogs to professional institutions for training, or to train dogs through some foods, so as to make the dog obedient.

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