I have a pet dog, and I started to school. I want to go to Nanning from the Longsha Belt. I bought a high -speed rail ticket. What should the dog do?

5 thoughts on “I have a pet dog, and I started to school. I want to go to Nanning from the Longsha Belt. I bought a high -speed rail ticket. What should the dog do?”

  1. The most important point of consigning pets through railways is that there must be animal quarantine certificates issued by animal and plant quarantine units recognized by the railway department. If pets have not immune to the quarantine center of the railway system, the Beijing Railway Veterinary Station, to accept immunity, and obtain a quarantine certificate; if the pet has been immunized, but it is proved that it is not recognized by the railway department, it needs to reach the railway to the railway. The quarantine unit recognized by the department. Generally speaking, the cage is required to be a reinforced structure. There must be a tray that has a feces in the chassis, or a pad or cotton cushion is tied to the bottom of the chassis. The climbing hands are required on both sides (making lead wires) when extraction, and lead wires are tight at the opening of the cage. The pet king reminds you that you need to pay attention to applying for a certificate or a certificate to change the car one to two days before you get on the car. Then, the two hours before the train took the pet to the line of the bag at the train station, and went to the scale. It cost about five dollars a pound.

  2. Can the high -speed rail can bring pets? Do you make a pet with high -speed rail? The answer is OK. The following is also about the high -speed rail to make pets. You must do something.

    1. At least one week in advance to go to the nearby veterinarian station to get rabies vaccine and cat triple, obtain an epidemic prevention certificate (if there is an epidemic prevention certificate, you can not use this step)

    2 2 2 2 2 2 2 2 2 2 2 2 2 2 2 One or two days in advance, not too early. At most two days in advance, bring pets and epidemic prevention certificates to the nearby veterinary station (recognized by the railway department) to do a

    Use a health certificate to change a

    3. One day in advance, bring pets, and go to the railway veterinary station (animal quarantine station) to add stamp.

    4. Train on the day, 2-3 hours in advance, bring pets and install it with special aviation boxes (can be made of self-made iron cages, but the container of the carton can not be),

    Consignment procedures. If the previous procedures are complete, the procedures are particularly simple, that is, to show the immune certificate and outbound quarantine certificate

    The tickets on the day, and then fill in a list. ), It is said that I ca n’t spend much

    5. After the certificate is completed, people cannot leave. I have to accompany the pet until they accompany the pet to enter the cargo compartment to settle the pet. Of course Of course

    The can also go back to the car you riding to sit.

    6. After the station is over, the station to the arrival station takes the pet with the pick -up single lead. Note that do not eat food for pets within four hours before going out.

    . If you are afraid of the occurrence of pets in the process of high -speed rail, there is a bad situation. Remember to give your pets a bit of calm medicine, because the high -speed rail is allowed to bring pets, and it does not want to affect other passengers.

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