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  1. Yes, the dog is suffering.
    The procedures for railway consignment pets
    The most important point of railway consignment pets is that there must be animal quarantine certificates issued by the animal and plant quarantine unit recognized by the railway department
    The quarantine center of the railway system, the Beijing Railway Veterinary Station, accepts immunity and obtains a quarantine certificate; if pets have been immune, but prove that it is not recognized by the railway department, then the quarantine unit recognized by the railway department needs to be replaced.
    Generally speaking, the cage is required to be a reinforced structure. There must be a tray that has a stool under the chassis, or a pad with a sack or cotton -made cushion under the chassis. The side of the side needs to be used when the extraction is made (can be made with lead wire), and the opening of the cage needs to be tightened.
    It should be noted that you must go to the car one to two days before you get to apply for a certificate or change.
    Then, two hours before the train took the pets to the row bag of the railway station to consign the scale, about five dollars a pound.
    Note: The quarantine center recognized by the railway system — Beijing Railway Veterinary Medicine is standing on the streets of the Gauliang Bridge. The cost of the certificate is 20 yuan. After doing it, you can get a certificate of passing the animal quarantine of the county. This is exactly what our baby needs.
    In I do n’t know if it can be brought on the long -distance car? If you can, buy a beautiful pet backpack (I have seen it in the official park market, the appearance is no different from the suitcase). Bowme is small, and it can't be seen in the pet bag. Mainly afraid of security checks. Also, Bomei likes calling, which is not easy to get.

  2. Casting by train is relatively troublesome, it still needs some related documents to go through the procedures. When you take a car, you can put it in the box, cage, and put it in the luggage stacking, which can be exempted from all procedures. It is simpler. It is recommended that you take a long -distance bus. However, it is necessary to install a dedicated pet box and pet cage. I used to take a car home before it was like that. I do n’t know if you allow it when you are in the holidays. You can consult and understand. If you can buy the right pet cage and pet box. Global pet network, more pet supplies are waiting for you to buy.

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