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  1. Dogs have a moment of intimate and cleverness, and when there are also naughty and troublesome, people are really loving and hate! So training dogs have become a heavy topic. Do you have any basic training below?
    1. Sitting down
    The first owner issued a "sit down" order, the dog did not understand. It is necessary to press down halfway behind it with your hands, and at the same time, you can send a "sit down" password, until it can be appreciated and quietly sitting down.
    2, handshake

    Keng can only be implemented after the dog can understand your password and movement. When it sits quietly, please lift your left hand or right hand, and shock handshake at the same time. Passwords, repeated implementation, wait for the dogs to experience and listen to their handshake passwords, that is, it is completed. Tips: When you see the dog's behavior, you should stop it immediately.
    3, temporarily stop
    "Wait a moment" This command is to temporarily stop the dog's movement. When eating, place the food in front of the dog, and then send out a repeated training. Tips: This training must be continuous for a few days, and then it will be carried out for dinner time. Don't be abandoned halfway.
    4, follow the back
    Plip when the dog is immediately approached because of calling, you can praise it. If the dog can't come or run, don't be angry. Try to keep the dog and you keep within a distance of no more than 10 meters. Tip: Let the dogs get used to follow the host, so it is convenient to recall.
    5, toilet habits
    The fixing corner or apartment toilet bathroom outside the dog's nest, spreading dry newspapers occupying their urine and placed on it. In the early days of training, the scope of the newspaper should be as large as possible, and then slowly teaches it to "solve" in the newspaper. Tips: At first, dogs may not remember that the owner should be patient, and don't scold even if you are wrong next time.
    6. Training alert
    When a dog is four or five months old, do not let outsiders get close to contact, so that the dogs will have a warning to the owner in addition to the owner. Trust the owner and reject strangers. Tips: So dogs will not be easily abducted.

  2. People are all normal emotions for dogs or joy or evil. Based on the principle of fairness, who should cause the consequences and who benefits and who is responsible. The people who love dogs should bear the right to manage the responsibility for management and disposal, and should not infringe on others to avoid harm. The contradiction of pets is the problem of pets of pets and the distinction between the responsibility of pets and the unlimited distinction of livestock. The power of pets only to raise livestock is the root of contradictions. You have the right to raise dogs, and others have the need to remove dogs. It is necessary to distinguish between pets and livestock, support the management fee, lose the cost of the animals, the hostel fees of stray animals, pets hurt the people and criminal responsibility. Love dogs to raise dogs, let others pay for the consequences called civilization? Why do people pay taxes on others' hobbies? Raising dogs pay 8,000 social taxes and pay 800 hundred management fees each year. Can reduce various dogs. The measures that do not increase the cost of dog breeding and thresholds, and the source of funds without control is a meaningless behavior. Since raising dogs should be a partner, it should only be affordable for talented and idle talents. It should be caused by the dog's affected by dog ​​breeding people. The dog breeders have the obligation to pay taxes on taxation for dogs. The people have the right to eliminate dogs and have the right to persecute the people who love dogs. Positioning breeding as pets instead of livestock should increase the breeding threshold and make it a luxury that a few talents are willing to raise.

  3. Dogs will be trained at the beginning, so that dogs will learn to defecate at certain locations in order to prevent urination. Then let the dog follow the training. When the owner goes out, follow the owner and do not lose it. Train dogs should not bark. If the dog barks, it will not only affect the owner, but also affect the schedules of the people around them.

  4. Make sure that dogs can understand and familiarize your passwords and movements. When the dog is sitting quietly, please raise your left hand or right hand slightly and shout to shake the password. Repeat execution. When the dog can understand and hear the handshake password, it is over.

  5. Three points of positioning habits. That is, drinking water, excrement, and eating three likes, positioning is a point of every habit to keep the living environment clean and hygienic.

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