1 thought on “How to stop pet dog barking”

  1. Sometimes, if you don't hold it, your pet dog will feel unsafe and scream. A strong pet dog, especially when it enters a new environment, often barks. If it is not hugged, this requirement will become more urgent, and this behavior will become long -term behaviors, because the release of adrenaline itself is a reward for it. The training method is: you should spend more time to accompany the dog, leave it to the toys, sufficient food and water when you go out to avoid barking because of basic needs. Some pet dogs jump to the air repeatedly, trying to lick the owner's face. You should not encourage it, this will make it prefer, because it needs more self -esteem. But if your pet dog keeps jumping at you or catching you with your front paw, you will leave the room quietly. It will be strange why you leave and quickly calm down. After a minute, when the pet dog quietly came down, returned to the room to order it to sit down. You should reward the good performance of pet dogs.

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