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  1. 5 ways to stop dog barking: Don't be loyal to the loyal listener with the dog barking, the good impression of building a dog, preventing the dog from hearing the horrible voice, making the boring dog busy
    1. Do not talk to
    Pelas of the dogs that are often impatient when they hear the dog's cry. Think about whether to call it with it, can you overwhelm the momentum and let it sound. However, if you call back to the dog, it will stimulate the dog, it may bark back with a loud voice, and the two sides will fall into a more chaotic quarrel.
    Barking sometimes is also a way to express happiness in dogs. The owner can respond with a stable voice in the face of its screams. Do not shout to stimulate its emotions.
    2. Don't be a loyal listener who barks a dog
    . If the dog is barking, the owner ran to it to stop it. When it is looking for you, it will barking your attention.
    The owner can teach the dog to keep a quiet instruction. For example, put the index finger in front of his mouth, and at the same time, "Hush". If the dog stops barking, he uses snacks to reward its behavior. If you still keep calling, you must not give it snacks, otherwise it will think that you have food to eat every time you bark.
    3. Establish a good impression of dogs
    Pules will bark when the courier comes to the door, because it feels that the courier violates his territory. If the courier hurried away, the dog is the dog. I think it was his barking away, and every time he saw the courier, he would continue barking. The best way is to let the courier stay a little for a while, let him feed the dog to eat snacks, and build a good impression, so that there will be no more troubles in the future.
    4. Prevent the dog from hearing the horrible sound
    Pules are very sensitive to the sound. When you hear the sound of washing machines, fireworks and vacuum cleaners, you will have stressful behavior. Call. If the owner trains the dog is invalid, it is best to keep it away from these sources of fear, otherwise it will increase its anxiety and pressure.
    5, let the boring dog busy
    This dog barking is because it feels bored and lonely, but has no energy but has nowhere to vent. Even if it doesn't want to say anything, it will bark to itself to discharge loneliness. Therefore, in addition to bringing out exercise regularly, the owner must accompany it, and can provide it with chewing toys and puzzle toys that can entertain and entertain themselves, so that dogs have more fun.
    This barking is inevitable. Some working dogs are more likely to bark because of strong territory consciousness. There are also some toy dogs that are eager and anxious, such as Chihuahua. If the owner does not like the dog barking, you must first understand the characteristics of each type of dog breed before raising dogs.

  2. 1. Panic dog barking method
    It dogs bark because they just entered a strange environment because they just entered a strange environment. In fact, they were crying like children cry at night. The best way is to let the dog stay in a place where you can see the owner and reduce its sense of loneliness and fear. With a gentle stroke, give it a sense of security, and slowly guide the dog to adapt to the new environment.
    2, alert dog screaming
    The dog's alertness is very high, especially at 1 or 2 am, the dog will yell at the dog at all, and the owner only needs to turn on the lights. Consolation, let it know that these sounds are okay, it will make a low voice "whine" next time. If the owner does not come out to confirm or ignore it, it will yell.
    3, because the sky is cold
    The winter weather is cold and the puppy has weak cold resistance. At this time, the shoveling officer should prepare a warm nest for the dog.
    If the daytime, you should put an old clothes with your smell in the nest. If the temperature is suitable for the dog is comfortable, you won't be screamed. This reminds me of a favorite of a pet: if you want to raise a dog, you are ready to turn on the air conditioner at home all year round.

  3. Pay content for time limit to check for freenAnswer 1 Find an appropriate time to visit your neighbors. Be prepared for further conversation without the opponent. It is best not to do the first contact when the other party is not prepared. In the first contact, it shows your purpose, that is, to find one of you both to make a convenient conversation. Of course, if he is willing to talk about this now, this problem may be solved within one day. You can also try to go to his house when he hears his grass and move on Saturday morning. Do not go into the other party's house before getting permits, and do not sneak in. Let's talk about the atmosphere of the current situation, and then ask if there is time to talk about the dog after him. If your neighbor is very angry and feels offended, threatens you in this or next conversation, and don't try to solve the problem yourself. I went to the police station to complain about the screaming of the dog, and you were threatened just because of politely asking for a simple request.nGo to the police station to complainnDon't poison his dog, this is illegalnEasy to cause contradictionsnAre there any relevant regulations? She raised three dogsnAnswer If she does not apply for a dog raising proof, the police will take her dog awayn4 morenBleak

  4. The best way to deal with dogs to disturb the people:
    1, rewarding dogs
    is actually a daily training. When you call them, they scold them. Dogs feed snacks. After repeated training, it knows that it is wrong to howl.
    2, punish the dog
    This shoveling officer can prepare a newspaper roll. When the dog is constantly calling, you can lightly hit it. You can also prepare a kettle and spray it with water. Generally speaking, it will not scream immediately after being punished.
    3, increase dog sports
    why is it? It is not energetic, but the dogs exercise more and consume their physical strength. Naturally, it is not too screaming, and it can also prevent the dismantling, which can be described as two birds with one stone.
    4, diverted attention
    many dogs are screaming because of boring, so the owner can give them toys or bones when the dogs are screaming. I won't hear the cry again.
    5, through noise stimulation
    The dog's ears are very sensitive, and generally cannot stand strong noise. When the dog is barking, the owner can create some stronger noise to stimulate the dog to stop the roar several times. This is also a bit similar to punishment.

  5. The best way to deal with dogs to disturb the people is to report to the alarm. According to Article 75 of the New Public Security Management Punishment Law: If the animal breeding animals interfere with the normal life of others, the warning is warned; Fined fines of less than 500 yuan. Anyone who drives animals to harm others will be detained for more than 10 days and 15 days, and a fine of more than 500 yuan or less. This means that pets are disturbing the people, and dog owners will bear legal consequences.
    "Public Security Management Punishment Law of the People's Republic of China", the second clearly stated: disrupting public order, obstructing public safety, infringing personal rights, property rights, obstructing social management, and social harm. "The provisions constitute a criminal responsibility in accordance with the law; if the criminal punishment is not yet criminal, the public security organs shall be punished by public security management in accordance with this law. Article 75 It really clearly states that if the animal is raised and the normal life of others will be warned; if the warning will not be corrected after warning, or the animals will intimidate others, it will be fined more than 500 yuan to 500 yuan.
    The normal life of breeding animals to interfere with residents in the community is illegal. "Freed animals" include various pets raised by urban residents, such as cats, dogs, birds, etc. Ducks, geese.
    "Interfering with the normal life of others" means that the animals raised by the actor interfere with the normal life of others, not referring to the perpetrator himself interfered with the normal life of others. There are many ways to interfere with the normal life of others, including biting people, caught injuries, scary shapes, scary screams, and so on.
    St looking on the surface, these interference behaviors are caused by animals. However, because the breeder has the obligation to strictly manage the animals they breed, if the management is poor, the pets they breed interfere with the normal life of others The responsibility should naturally be borne by the breeder.

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