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  1. First of all, the balance of nutrition can ensure many nutrient intakes, to meet the health of hair, and feed more protein -containing foods. Adding agents with vitamin E and vitamin D, seaweed foods, vegetables, etc., such as lean meat, cooked egg yolk, vegetable oil, etc., feed less foods rich in sugar, salt, starch and other foods.
    This can not be used on the bath supplies. It is best to use dogs dedicated to dogs to often comb the dog, so that the old hair will fall off quickly and better grow new hair. The frequency of bathing is twice a month. Frequent bathing will destroy the normal pH of the dog's skin and the fragile cortex structure, which can easily cause the dog's skin to dry, and symptoms such as crumbs, hair removal, itching.
    The sun -exposure, the appropriate exposure of ultraviolet rays can make the skin better. Although the sun is not so long in winter, it is necessary to ensure that the dog can often expose the sun, strengthen calcium supplementation while strengthening exercise, and can be able to strengthen exercise. Promote the health of the dog. Nutritional balance, supplementing nutritional products in many aspects of diet, and supplementation of nutritional products are also necessary, which can prevent and improve the problem of dog hair.
    mag lecithin fish oil particles, beautiful hair increases, promoting hair growth, lecithin containsositol phospholipids, and proactis is the basic substance of hair growth. It can promote the growth of healthy hair, prevent hair loss, and unsaturated fatty acids in fish oil. Omega-3 prevent dry hair from falling off, promoting the growth of new hair to reduce the cholesterol content in the blood, making the blood vessels more unobstructed, healthier and more flexible. So if you want your own dog's hair to restore healthy luster, try the above improvement methods

  2. 1. The living environment is appropriate and cold -the fur of the cold belt is thicker than the tropical, and it is cold. He will take the initiative to resist the cold invasion;
    2. Reduce the damage caused by the friction of the fabric to the hair, and prevent the infringement of the dog's fur on the clothes on the clothes;
    3. It will be fine;
    4. The supplement of human -grade egg yolk, lecithin, and fish oil -these are the nutritional products added in the first few methods that cannot be achieved;
    5. The sun is more exercise -good constitution, good absorption;
    6. Combing hair every day.
    The misunderstandings of dog hair care:
    1. Wipe the hair with protein
    The always say that applying a dog with protein will make the hair brighter. In fact, when the protein is used to apply Momo, the hair will be split and broken, but it will damage the hair and damage the hair root, make the hair color dull, and sometimes cause skin diseases such as dermatitis.
    2. Food is single
    This families will consider dog taste and only give it favorite food. This will cause serious nutritional disorders and greatly damage the dog's hair.
    3. The bath is too frequent.
    The frequently bathing will be washed away from the fat layer of the hair and the skin, and it may cause skin diseases and make the hair dry.
    4. Use people with shampoo
    The skin's skin and the dog's skin are different. Human bath liquid or shampoo is not suitable for dogs. Use people with shampoo will seriously damage the dog's skin.
    5. Anxiety
    Like people, excessive anxiety can also cause dogs to get rid of hair and worse. It is important to help them maintain a happy mind at all times.
    6. Instead of sanitary habits
    It do not often comb, not good hygiene habits such as bathing on time, it will damage the dog's hair and even health.
    7. The dry environment is dry
    The living environment that is too dry will cause the dog to lose the water, resulting in dry hair, thereby rough hair and splitting.
    8. Skin disease
    , as the most extreme case, almost all skin diseases and some internal medicine problems will damage the quality of the dog's hair.

  3. There are more and more friends who raise dogs. Every owner wants his dogs to be beautiful and healthy. But seeing his own dogs dull, and I do n’t know why it will fade, but the dogs of others are very bright, the hair is shiny, and I ca n’t help but envy! In addition to daily care, we need to see if we have a problem with the diet that we give the dog, and then make timely treatment to make the dog's hair better and better. Let ’s introduce some foods that have beautiful and hair effects on dogs, I hope it will be useful to you.
    . Seaweed powder
    The seaweed powder has a greater effect of adding pigment. For example, Labrador lacks (light -colored nose, eyeliner or light eyeliner). The situation is to prevent dry hair from falling off, promoting the growth of new hair, and helping the hair to restore the color. It is recommended to directly use MAG seaweed powder to compare what beautiful fans and magic powder of those pet brands, which is healthier and reliable.
    . Egg yolk
    Egg yolk is a good "supplement" for dogs. Whether it is the growth and development of the dog or the improvement of the dog's quilt. It is lecithin. However, the owner must also control the frequency of feeding. Don't be too frequent. Three or four egg yolks a week are sufficient. If it is a pregnant woman and dog, you can have one good every day. Eating too much nutrition will affect the health of the dog. Non -pregnant women and dogs don't have to feed too much to avoid cholesterol exceeding the standard. The protein is not easy to absorb digestion, and the dog is prone to vomiting, so it is not recommended to feed.
    . olive oil
    The advantage of olive oil is that its full fatty acid (commonly known as fat) content is the lowest of all edible oils, so it is not greasy to eat olive oil. Will get fat. Thin dogs and slim numbers can be used! Secondly, its unsatisfied fatty acid content is high, and it is most likely to be absorbed by the gastrointestinal and intestines. Therefore, it can promote the development of dog bones, nerves, and brain, and dispatching the stomach and intestines. If the dog's hair is rough, you can add a spoonful of olive oil to mix food together every day, and insist on using it to make the hair bright and smooth. Olive oil can be eaten by people bought by supermarkets.
    four, salmon
    three salmon is rich in nutrition, containing rich unsaturated fatty acids and vitamin D, which contains dog health, not only the effect of beauty and calcium supplement, but also rich in protein and can maintain potassium sodium balance. Lock the water in the dog's hair and make the dog's fur not dry. After the air -dried salmon is crispy and crispy, it is full of super beautiful fish oil, and the baby loves to eat. The farmer's market, supermarkets, and online fresh shops can buy by -products of salmon. Be careful not to bake directly, it is easy to hurt the dog. After all, the dog does not have the ability to eat fish. You can also choose a dedicated pet salmon oil, such as MAG salmon oil, which is very good and the hair effect is good. The dogs of the editor have always eaten this product, and the hair is very good. This product is based on the scientific ratio of the dog's nutrition
    . Cabbage, carrot
    The Chinese cabbage is rich in vitamins, which has the effect of increasing the amount of hair. ,Can try. Carrots contain vitamin A original energy supplementation A. Vitamin A is important for maintaining hair quality, which is the hair effect we call. Carrots are fat -soluble nutritious vegetables. Directs are not easy to absorb digestion. It is recommended to stir -fry after crushing and cook again.
    In conclusion: Dogs have a healthy and shiny, shiny and soft hair very cute, loved by people. These foods can do it, so that the dogs can achieve care from the inside out. I believe your dog can also have shiny hair.

  4. Dog hair hair and small tips. Many parents are growing and slow about dog hair, and the amount of hair is less tangled. In fact, it is not difficult to figure out the rules of animal hair. Step
    1. The living environment is appropriate and cold -the fur of the cold belt is thicker than the tropical, and it will take the initiative to resist the cold invasion

    2. Maintaining the feeling of not hot, on the one hand, reduce the damage caused by the friction of the fabric to the hair, and prevent the infringement of the dog fur on the clothes on the clothes

    3. People who can't eat enough will not have skin hair.

    only if the nutrition consumed in the body is sufficient, nutrition can supplement the skin hair outside the body.

    The VIPs who deliberately feed less for dogs for dogs, and they are a mess.

    The dogs who are not sufficient during development cause malnutrition dogs. After adulthood, it is easy to be crispy and loose. If you accidentally fall and hit it, you will fracture. Insufficient nutrition within half a year will cause the dog's physique to poor constitution. A little wind blowing grass will infect serious diseases

    4. Human -grade egg yolk, lecithin, fish oil supplement -these are all in these are all in In the first few ways, the nutritional products are added when the fur is good.

    . I will never give them pet level.

    not only high hormones, but also causes their premature aging and early death, and there is no national testing mechanism at all. It will be harmful to eat. ——The physical fitness is good. Healthy and lively dogs are cute, otherwise, it is no different from the specimen

    6. Combing hair every day — some health paths of Chairman Mao, after writing by his health doctor, the situation of combing his hair It is worth learning from

    to comb on your hair every day, and the comb itself plays a massage effect on the skin. Gently pulling hair also stimulates the hair follicles, promoting the development of the hair follicles

    This hair can also remove the dust, parasitic dandruff on the hair, the dead skin on the skin, increase the blood circulation of the skin. Accelerate hair growing dogs

  5. Dog's hair requires care, good care, hair grows thick and beautiful, and it is not a matter of one or two days to care for dogs to care for dogs. Thickened and beautiful.

    1. Nutrition of nutrition for dogs: less dog hair, generally inseparable from the dog's diet. The dog owner should not give the dog a heavy food with heavy seasonings, so that the dog Dogs eat low -salt food. When you are free, you can prepare some meat and fruits and vegetables for the dogs, so that the dog's diet can be richer. You can also prepare some quick pets to help your dog.
    2, help dog bath: The dog's hair is relatively easy to hide bacteria. The dog owner helps the dog to take a bath to clean the dog's hair. It is helpful. The dog owner can take a bath for the dog once in summer for 1 to 2 weeks, and some time can be extended appropriately in winter.
    3. Help dogs combing hair: Dogs are more animals that love hair loss. Every day when you are free to help the dog sort out the hair, you can comb with the dogs on the dog. When the dog is combed, pay attention to combing the growth direction of the hair.

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