2 thoughts on “I raised a Bomei too fat, how can I help it reduce it? Intersection”

  1. Many dog ​​owners believe that as long as they take the dog out and run, they can lose weight, but it is not. Dogs are different from people. Their bodies have adapted to long -distance running, so the benefits of dog running are not to lose weight, but to exercise. In any case, if you just run for a dog to lose weight, it is likely to cause the dog's joint pain or hurt the dog, and it does not consume a lot of calories. Live small dogs, just walk around. Pet dogs should be solved mainly from diet. 1. It should be guaranteed that the meal is set a day, and the rest of the dog should be put or poured, instead of letting it eat. 2. Stopping snacks, many people can't refuse the dog's desire and feed the dog too much snacks. Although they are psychologically comforted, they have laid the foundation for the dog's obesity. 3. When the owners eat, they should not eat human food for dogs, which will allow dogs to develop a bad habit of picky eaters. 4. Moderate exercise (refusing to exercise).

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