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  1. First of all, of course, it is necessary to prepare some ingredients that are rich in nutrition, but the calories are relatively low, which can help dogs lose weight. Such as brown rice, eggs, chicken breasts, rolls of cabbage, winter mushrooms, batter, raw fish (no thorn), laver, etc. Of course, a lot of recipes about dog weight loss nutrition meals can now be found on the Internet. The owner can make step by step according to the recipe.
    Secondly, after preparing all the ingredients you need, you should wash it, cut it, and stir. Such as eggs and chicken breasts cooked. Cross -cabbage and mushrooms are chopped and boiled into hot soup. Then mix the materials that have been made together, and finally steam it with a paste.
    In addition, you can also try to soak the seaweed in boiling water, then grill the fish, and then tear the fish. Stir the prepared food and brown rice together in the pot. After cooking and cooling, you can eat it for the dog.
    The nutritional weight loss meal production method given to dogs. The owner can choose some foods suitable for dogs according to their own abilities to make a meal for its homemade.
    The obesity problem of dogs is becoming more and more valued by the majority of the masters. Facing the annual growth of dog obesity rates, no action will affect the health of the dog's physical health.
    The reason why dogs get fat is excessive diet, so our owner can also do it by himself to make some nutritional weight loss meals to help the dog lose weight.
    vegetable meat bibimbap u003C>: brown rice, eggs, chicken breast meat, roll cabbage, mushrooms, batter u003Cmaterials>
    u003Cproduction methods>:
    1. Cooking chicken breasts. Cross -cabbage and mushrooms are chopped and boiled into hot soup.
    2. Mix all the materials that have been made together and add a batter.
    Fish fried rice
    u003C>: brown rice rice, raw fish, laver, milk u003C>
    u003Cproduction method>:
    1. Wash the seaweed with water, cut it, cut Full soaked in boiling water after crushing.
    2. Cooked the fish and tear the fish.
    3. Put 1, 2 with milk and brown rice in the pot, and cook until the rice contains sufficient water.
    4. After cooling, you can eat it for your dog.
    cheese sandy liver lid rice
    u003C>: brown rice, chicken liver, chicken breast, lettuce, celery, ordinary sour cheese, water u003C>
    u003CProduction method> : u003CProduction method>
    1. The chicken liver is cooked slightly in boiling water, removed the astringent smell, and then cooked in the water.
    2. The chicken must be cooked until it can easily tear.
    3. Lettuce quickly simmer in boiling water and chop it.
    4. The chicken liver and chicken breast left, and then mix with other materials.
    5. Put the remaining part of the chicken liver and chicken breasts on the mixed 4, and then put a little water, and finally mix with the samisha.

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