Many people on social media show a video of a mechanical dog. Can it really be raised as a “pet”?

4 thoughts on “Many people on social media show a video of a mechanical dog. Can it really be raised as a “pet”?”

  1. Many people on social media showed a video of a mechanical dog. There is a certain gap between this mechanical dog and pet dog, so it cannot be truly realized as pet breeding. You cannot replace your pet dog with mechanical dogs. This pet dog can help the owner get courier, and at the same time, he will go out with the owner when he is free. However, the price of such mechanical dogs is very high, and most people cannot afford it.
    Dogs are good partners of human beings, and there are many types of dogs. If you want to really raise a dog, you can go to the local pet shop to buy. At the same time, raising dogs is an extremely energy -consuming and money -spending thing, so everyone must learn to think twice. At the same time, dogs like to be noisy, and some dogs have extremely strong energy. If the owner does not often go out to walk the dog, the dog will bite the furniture at home. However, this kind of mechanical dog will not show the same behavior. Therefore, mechanical dogs are like a kind of electric toys that everyone often sees when they are young, and they need to charge.
    If training the dog, the dog will make a roll, circle and a motion. These mechanical dogs have realized the functions you want. Dogs can provide you with emotional value, and at the same time, you can become an indispensable partner in everyone’s life, but this mechanical dog is more like a substitute, which is optional. In fact, the full name of the mechanical dog is the bionic four -foot robot. There is no way to achieve large -scale use for the time being. Perhaps in the near future, everyone can have a mechanical dog in the hands of each person.
    Compared with ordinary dogs, mechanical dogs have certain advantages, which also reflects the progress of modern technology. But if you want to face some more complex scenes, mechanical dogs are not excellent. For most people, when they touch the dog’s hair holding the dog’s dog, they feel more comfortable. Although dogs do not speak, they can see the dog’s first place in their hearts through some intimate actions of the dog. So most people must have a real dog instead of the cold machine that looks so cold.

  2. No, because mechanical dogs are expensive and have no spirituality and emotions of living dogs, they cannot be raised as “pets”

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