5 thoughts on “What do Chinese machine dogs that surpass the world records?”

  1. In recent years, various smart robots can often be seen at various exhibitions, which also shows that we are in a new wave of robotics research and development. Previously, although the development of domestic artificial intelligence was relatively mature in visual and voice interaction functions, some complex actions were still a gap with the world's top level. However, the hot search of#不过 不过 不过 不过 不过 不过 不过 不过 不过 不过#has attracted widespread attention. What is the same? In fact, this is the Alpha machine dog released by Blue Technology. Its walking speed breaks the record of Mit Mini Cheetah 3.7 meters per second in the world record holder in this field.
    What do you know about Blue Technology?
    The Blue Technology R

  2. This is a mechanical dog that imitates animal dogs to the greatest extent. There is no life. All machines and instructions are set up. This kind of machine dog has a lot of functions, which can help people pick up express and help blind people walk to a certain extent. The work efficiency of the machine dog is relatively high.

  3. It is a mechanical dog that imitates the dogs. It can complete some simple things or actions for humans. It can also accompany the owner like a pet dog. It can play a related care and protection role, and even guide.

  4. Chinese machine dogs that surpass the world record are bionic mechanical dogs that can complete a lot of work, can help blind people walk better, work efficiency is also very high, and can also be used for patrol.

  5. The speed of walking can actually reach 4.15 meters per second, and this is also a public data. However, there are some disadvantages that the noise is particularly large and the battery life is also very poor.

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