3 thoughts on “How to train dogs? How much does it cost to take professional training?”

  1. If a professional training is very expensive, 200 yuan is to learn one to sit down 200 and learn one lying down 200. This is the food that wants to train it yourself. It is to train it. It ’s all that it loves to eat.

  2. Pay content for time limit to check for freenAnswer Hello, I am a professional respondent in this question area. I am glad to answer the answer for you. It is sorting out the answers for you.nThe cost of training a dog for a dog training school is about 3500 yuan to 7,000 yuan. The training items are different and the price is different. The cost of dog training is as follows: 1. Dogs basic obedience training, 2 months, a reference price of 7,000 yuan, including 14 basic training items, such as: entering and exit Dead, rolling, shaking hands, delaying, coming, barking, drilling legs and turns; The price is between 400 yuan/item-800 yuan/project. 3. Guarding dog training, protecting 3,000 yuan, rescueing hostage training 3,000 yuan, bite 3,000 yuan, in addition, there are separate subject training, identification, tracking, etc., the difficulty is different, and the price will be different. Fourth, charge for the training package, generally starting from 3500 yuan

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