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  1. My home have a mother, one day, a few people drag it to the fields to kill, those who in the slaughter, the dog resist, even pull the two Chinese cabbage roots out of the ground. Now, leaving only a puppys lonely to live.
    from now on I will show the task to take care. it to eat.rnThe fed it for the first time, it seems some unhappy, I put the bottle nipple in its mouth, behold, it was , even not smell smell, staggered go climbing. I was mbfounded, and three of The May fourTh fed him, but he still refused to drink it. There is no way, I had to use force
    my family had a mother. One day, several people dragged it to the fields and killed. Those people When slaughtered, the dog resisted desperately, and even dragged the two Chinese cabbage out of the ground. Now, only a puppy lives alone.
    It, I took the task of taking care of the puppy. I have to feed it on time, because it is still small, so I use a bottle, put some milk powder, and then feed it to eat.
    In the first time to feed it, it looks a little unhappy. I put the nipple of the baby bottle on its mouth. Who knows, it is not appreciated. Just climbed away. I was dumbfounded, and fed him again on May 4th, but he still refused to drink. There was no way, I had to solve it with force, grab it, and stuff the nipples into its mouth so that it barely drank some milk. The problem of eating has just been solved. There is a problem that causes me a headache, that is, the puppy's urination. It often sprinkle a urine here, where a pile of shit. It was dirty outside the house. Once, I returned to home from school, took upstairs, and just opened the door, I stepped on the puppy's shit, which was really uncomfortable. I was so angry that I really wanted to take it well, but I thought again, it was also pitiful, and I lost my mother since I was a child. Thinking of this, my anger also disappeared. So, went to take a mop and drag the ground clean. In this way, I take care of the puppy every day, and a few weeks have passed. It slowly started eating rice and no longer urinating anywhere.
    Now I not only think the puppy is pitiful, but also feels cute.

  2. If you have a pet,you should take good care of him .rnAfter getting up every day, you can take him a walk around the park and play with him. And then feed him pet food and give him water.The same as human beings, he needs to have breakfast, lunch and dinner. , you need to give him some water and wash his bowl after he eats up.Play with him as often as possible.Every night, you also need to clean his bed so That he can have g boat sleep and a nice dream.

  3. My House DogrnI'm a dog lover, because dogs are tame, friendly and easy to with. I have kept one in my house, whose name is Chocolate. She is covered with brown curly hair and looks like a Teddy Bear . Now we have been living together for two years, so I'm very familiar with her . When she is hungry, she often barks loudly. At that time, I begin to realize that it's time to feed her. She is keen on beef And fish. Sometimes, she also eats some rice.

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