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  1. Dogs can be roughly divided into two types: animal feed and plant -based drinks. The two should be mixed feeding. Action feed is palatable, easy to digest, and has a high content of protein and vitamins. Plant feed is rich in sugar and vitamins, but there are more fiber. Do not eat and feed. Common dog feeds include fish, meat, eggs, milk, vegetables, valley and canned food.

    ① The nutritional value of fish is high. Fish bones, fish, and fishbone are almost omnipotent and absorbed by dogs. They are ideal dog foods and are deeply preferred by dogs. However, there are many parasites in the fish, which should be fry and then feed.

    ② Animal meat and animal meat are the most delicious dog feed. Add an appropriate amount of calcium, phosphorus, sulfur, vitamin A, vitamin D, bone meal and blood powder or organs. Essence

    ③ Eggs shells are good calcium sources. The breeder clam should be mixed and grinded to the dog. The eggs that remove the eggshell are still dog -eating. But eggs lack vitamin C and carbohydrates.

    ④ dairy products are also delicious foods. What lacks iron and vitamin D. Most dogs have appetite for dairy products. Some are still conflicting with this and easily cause diarrhea.

    ⑤ Vegetables and vegetables should not be eaten raw, but frying and easy to destroy precious B vitamins should be grasped in particular.

    ⑥ Giveting valley can be used as basic feed, with a starch content of 70%-75%, which can provide rich energy. Other nutritional ingredients are low, and it is also difficult to use absorption. Therefore, it is mostly made of fragmented food to feed.

    ⑦ Canned food for canned foods made of dogs are mainly processed by fish, meat and various products for raw materials. Disaster dog foods are safe, reliable, and convenient. They are potentially potential dog food industries. It is commonplace abroad. my country is expected to be listed in the near future.

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