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  1. First place: Tibetan mastiff
    Tibetan mastiff, also known as Tibetan dogs, Fan Dogs, Dragon Dogs, and Dogs. It is native to the Qinghai -Tibet Plateau, China. The length is about 120 cm, the body hair is thick, rich, and the outer layer is not too long. Under the cold climatic conditions, the bottom hair is thick and soft like wool, cold resistance, and can sleep safely in ice and snow. Under warm climate conditions, very rare.
    The distribution area: The original Tibetan mastiff lives in the high cold area of ​​the Qinghai -Tibet Plateau and the Central Asian plains
    Personal evaluation: strong autonomy, full -territory awareness, loyalty to the owner, strangers are not easy to approach, arrogant and fierce, encountering anything, encountering anything They are very calm and are one of people's favorite dog breeds.
    It second place: Russia's Caucasian
    Life expectancy: 9-11 years Weight range: 45-70 kg
    Body height range: 64-72 cm Dogs are one of the best in the fierce dog. Not long ago, there was also a news that "Caucasus issued a fatal blow to the Tibetan Award". Seeing it, the bad guys will become good.
    third place: Italian twisted Boliton
    Life expectancy: 9-11 Alias: Naples Mastiff, Napoleon mastiff
    Weight range: 50-68 kg
    Neopolton requires early socialization and obedience training, and male dogs have advantages in this regard. It does not require frequent training, thinking that the dirty food habits and large body types, Newpolon is not suitable for raising at home. It is best to raise the breed by experienced dog breeders.
    Personal evaluation: It is extremely fierce and stronger. Generally, he is only loyal to a master. He is often used as a guardian dog. After hunting, he likes prey, and he loves drooling. It is very clear that the church is holding this dog .....
    Fourth place: Brazil Feil n Life: 9- 11 Years Alias: Brazil Filler
    Weight range: 41-50 kg
    body height range: 61-76 cm
    Brazilian mastiff is one of the two local varieties of Brazil. Tracking dogs, this strong and powerful mastiff is cultivated from Spain and Portuguese and big hounds for guarding domestic livestock and competitions. The Brazilian mastiff is real, with a frightening appearance. It is a fierce variety and is close to its owner, but it is very alert to strangers. The bloodline of its big hounds is clearly reflected in its long nose, drooping skin, and super -tracking ability. When it found a prey, it was not an attack, but trapped in the prey until the hunter arrived. In Brazil's slavery society, this special ability has won a better reputation because it can hand over the unfortunate escape slave to the slave owner. Its grace and tracking ability makes it popular in North America and Europe. However, due to its large body shape and aggressive, many countries are banned from raising the variety. The upper lip of the Brazilian mastiff has a typical features of the earth. The very thick neck has drooping meat, and the strong and straight back towards the hind legs and hips slightly raised, and the hair is short and soft.
    Personal evaluation: The fierce and excellent tracking dog, originally a dog breed that tracks the escape slave. Once it is stared at, the chance of escape is almost 0. It is the accomplice of the slave owner!
    Fifth place: Dogue de Bordeaux
    Life expectancy: 9-11 years Weight range: 36-45 kg
    Body height range: 58-69 cm
    For a century, the Bordeaux region of France has been ruled by the United Kingdom. The local big hunting dogs and British mastiffs, as well as the synonym in Spain, have produced this powerful. Recently, the cow mastiff is more similar to this ancient British mastiff. Bordeaux was originally used in southern France for hunting wild boars and bears, and later used for herdsome. Due to its bravery, the Bordeaux was used to seduce beasts and dogs. It has the characteristics of looking for people, such as infinite power. We vigilance and threat to strangers. Bordeaux's huge head is full of wrinkles,
    Personal evaluation: fierce and powerful, great strength, also known as red mastiff.
    Sixth place: Argentine Dogo Argentina
    Life expectancy: 10-11 Alias: Argentine Mastiff
    N initially cultivated this fierce and impressive variety for a group of hunting. Dr. Martinnz uses a Spanish dog, Spanish mastiff, Great Dan dog, an ancient Bull Sanlon, a bull dog and a boxer dog. Du Gao has very strong endurance, and its white is reflected by the hair instead of absorbing calories. Dog fighting activities are still popular in many parts of South America and around the world. Du Gao is very attractive to the organizers and enthusiasts of dog fighting. Du Gao is the first local purebred dog in Argentina. It needs to be in contact with other animals earlier, training and a lot of training. Du Gaodi has a large and strong lantin bone, and the jaw is strong and powerful. In order to make the dog have an attacking body, the ears are cut off quite narrow
    Seventh place: Central Asian Shepherd Dog N Type varieties are still used as guard dogs of livestock. Central Asia is a dog breed without fear of any creature. It is a very good guardian breed. They are also very friendly in the family. They are also friendly to growing children, and even other animals in the family. Even if they have a strong desire to protect, they can also control them through commands, and they learn quickly. "The shortest should not be less than 65cm (male dog), and the female dog is 60cm." The weighing weight of the male dog should be more than 45kg, China can adapt to the weather several degrees below, but also can also adapt to a very hot environment.
    The was originally used to protect the aggression of animals such as wolves, leopards, and bears. In the birthplace of the southern Central Asian Shepherd, there were even tigers in the early days, so shepherds needed a dog who could fight and scare away those large predators. The Central Asian Shepherd has always been an excellent victorion in this work.
    Personal evaluation: It has both the fierceness of the deed and can recognize children and other animals as friends. I think it is a combination of big white bear and Tibetan deeds.
    Eighth place: Spain Ghanari Dog
    Plash: During the origin of the Ghanairi Islands: 19th century
    initial use: Dog Dog n Now use: partner dog
    Life expectancy : 9-11 years
    Weight range: 38-48 kg
    The height range: 55-65 cm
    Dog breeds are banned by most countries.
    Ninth place: weird killer ----- bull head stalk (this little guy can bite a German black back within 3 minutes)
    56 cm, weight:
    about 18-22 kg.
    Plash in the United Kingdom,
    originated in the nineteenth century. This dog is divided into two types: standard type and mini type. It is a fighting dog that people mature and mixed with old British stalk dogs with bullfighting dogs. In fact, it is not that the black plaques of each bull head stalk just on the eye frame. Some of the whole body does not have a plaques, but the price of a black spot on the eye frame is much higher.
    The bull head stalks are impatient and have strong fighting. They never give up in dogs, and even hurt other dogs. However, the personality of the bull head stalk is relatively docile, smart and obedient. It is loyal and obedient to the owner. It is particularly friendly and kind to children. If you take care of proper, you can become a loyal family guard dog.
    Tenth place: Silent Dog ------ Turka, Japan
    Life expectancy: 9-11 years Weight range: 80.5-90.5 kg
    N was originally breed in Gaozhi Prefecture, Japan. It was produced through the local four -nation dog fighting dogs and introduced mastiff dogs, Danish big hounds, bullfighting dogs, and bullfighting stalks. This variety was once known as the Japanese mastiff.

  2. Reprinted Labrador Return Dog
    Introduction: Labrador's English name: Labrador Retriever. It is a larger dog. Labrador retrieves dogs with gentleness, smart and obedient, easy training, lively and active, loyal owner, obedience to command, and is the most popular and trustworthy family dog. The most obvious feature of the Labrador hound is: short, dense, waterproof quilts; a otter -like tail; a vivid posterior eulsion; a wide and moderate head; a strong leader and friendly, goodwill, goodwill, goodwill, goodwill, goodwill, goodwill, goodwill, goodwill, goodwill, goodwill, goodwill, goodwill, and goodwill Eye.
    The introduction: Yorkshine, English name, weighing below 3.5 kg is better. Yorkshine is a kind of toy dog ​​welcomed by men, women, and children, especially the "pets" of women and children. Native to Yorkshire County, England, ancestor is a breed of dog breeds cultivated by Manchester dogs, Sri Ling Dogs, and Maltato. In 1886, the Yorkshire Hound was registered by the British Keniel Dog Club, and became a breed of dogs at the time, which was a popular type among small pet dogs. Later, the Yorkshire was favored by the ladies and was raised by more families as a partner dog.
    Nessing dogs
    The introduction: German shepherd dogs are native to Germany and are also called wolf dogs. They are world -renowned good breeds. The forehead is wide and the skull is leaning down. The mouth is long, and the jaw is strong and powerful. Ellipse, not protruding, ears are erect, and the hair is rough. Its shape is healthy and beautiful. Growth rapidly and strong reproduction ability. Height is generally about 60 cm. The German Shepherd has a gentle temperament, obeying orders, feels keen and vigilant. It is widely used in military and police, such as anti -drugs, guards, reconnaissance, etc. Uses: One of the earliest tasks of German Shepherd is to play police dogs. At first, the German Shepherd was put into use as a chasing dog, and there were various views in the police. rn金毛犬rn简介:金毛犬,是一个均称、有力、活泼的犬种,稳固、身体各部位配合合理,腿既不太长也不笨拙,表情友善,个性热情、 Police, self -confidence. Because it is a hound, he can show his essential characteristics in a hard work environment. His overall appearance, balance, gait and the purpose of the dog should be more important than any individual body. Defects: Any description of the dog species can be regarded as defects. The severity of the defect is determined based on the degree of contradiction with the purpose of the dog or the characteristics of the dog breed.
    Big dogs
    Brief introduction: Bigr is also known as Miglu hound, English name: beagle, height: 30-40 cm, weighing about 7-12 kg. Native to Britain is a smaller of hounds. The hair is short and dense, does not occupy water, and the hair color is mostly brown yellow, black and white. Big dog breed is the smallest dog breed in hunting dogs, with group hounds. Big dogs were descendants of rabbit dogs in ancient Greece. They were trained as fox hunting dogs and moved in groups when they chased their prey. Later, it was domesticated as experimental animals and was domesticated in the laboratory. In the research results of dogs as experimental animals, only by applying Beagle can it be internationally recognized. Due to the small body shape, it is easy to tame and arrest, and loved ones. Cute appearance, cheerful personality, affectionate movements, and increasingly welcomed by people to become family dogs. However, because the Big dog likes to bark and noisy when he is in groups, it is best to raise a order for family breeding to correct the bad problems he likes to bark.

    but I personally like Husky

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