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  1. "Tianlong Babu" upgrades and has the power of money.
    First of all, the scene of "Xintian Dragon Eight Ministry" and some of the guilds that have not been played have a difference. First, the map of the game is countless mountains. The task starts with the "Fate of Fate" and does not activate any card. At this time to activate any card, it will waste a lot of time. You need to come back to re -do the task, so you cannot mislead everyone.
    (Enter the first task of the game)
    (You can receive the task by the left button)
    (Look at your operating mode, generally left the monster directly to attack , F1 ~ F10 is the skill, the operation and settings of the remaining keys have been told in the previous evaluation)
    "Xintianlong Babu" 1 ~ 90 complete upgrade strategy
    The complete upgrade strategy
    The novice guidance of "Xintian Dragon Babu" is much better than before, and each part has very intimate guidance, so it is fast. You can reach level 7 in about 10 minutes along the main line, and you can enter Dali City at this time. (大理城是主城之一:天龙八部中有四大主城,大理,洛阳,苏州,楼兰。每个主城都有级别限制)rn  4rn  继续跟着主线,在Dali runs three tasks 10 after three tasks.
    (reaches level 10, see our heavenly master, the plot task is to find him every time)
    "Xintianlong Babu" 1 ~ 90 complete upgrade strategy
    Now you can activate the gift package. Some guilds say a bunch of gift packages. Do n’t waste physical consideration. Various VIP cards (activated if you have). As for what 2888 pulls, what octopus cards are conflict and chicken ribs. The items of the Supreme Guild Card already include these gift packages, and there is an extra full attribute 20 points. As soon as you enter the service, it is equivalent to a stone. Compared to the essence of eating, it is still free, you can use the effect after use. This is not the main content, we are still skipping.
    (Copy and paste can be activated)
    (If you are activated, you will be prompted, and then click again 3 NPC to receive it)
    R n "Xintian Dragon Badu" 1 ~ 90 complete upgrade strategy
    can choose to join the martial arts after level 10, and there are prompts in the direct task. Note here that when you go to various martial arts, remember to learn the novice skills of each school.
    (Learning Martial Arts Novice Skills)
    In after joining the martial arts, the upgrade must be handy. Now I heard that Tangmen is very abused, so we practice Tangmen.
    "Xintian Dragon Eight Ministry" 1 ~ 90 complete upgrade strategy
    The mission to enter the martial arts after joining the martial arts. Remember to directly transmit it from Dali Plaza. needs time. The teacher's running circle mainly guides how to upgrade the skills. After studying, it is transmitted directly to Luoyang. The ancient capital of the Six Dynasties-Luoyang is a very prosperous place. There are gangsters, there are shops, and there are shops in the sky.
    (Note: The upgrade after level 10 needs to be manual, as shown in the figure: click, the attribute point will only have free allocation points after level 30)

    In Dunhuang, follow the main line to reach level 15, kill some wolves, and run a few steps to achieve. After level 15, you will receive the task to go to Songshan. All the way to Songshan. After level 20, you will receive the West Lake task. Click the task to automatically find the road and teleport from Songshan-Luoyang-Suzhou-West Lake. I believe that after level 10, basically it has been started, and it is not one by one here.
    West Lake is a 20 -level task scene. Like is a place where many female players like very much. There is a night like a night like the West Lake, which is a must -have place for wedding players.
    The task will be automatically received after reaching level 25. After finishing the task of Erhai Lake, it has reached about 30 levels. At this time, note that when level 29 is at level 30, do not want to upgrade, that is, the experience is kept. At this time In friendship, when you reach 500 or 1000, you can get 30W experience, and you will also get rewarding items. When you reach the 45th level, you will get a black mutant rare beast.
    Coloning the package after reaching level 30. After returning to Dali Da Shuang to receive a reward of level 25, you will receive a large return Dan. When level 32, you can swallow it directly (right -click), you can connect to connecting. Site 3.
    The level 30. If the time is right, if there is a guild, you can brush the anti -thief with friends of the guild. Remember to open doubles and have a good experience. Or brush the chess pieces. A copy is 33, and then swallowing Dajiandan, it is easy to reach level 36. After level 30, some people think that they need to do the main line. In fact, this is very wasteful. So don't go directly to the main line, go directly to the copy, and then the single -person task is 41 or 42. If there are players in the guild, you can join the gang, make money, and prepare to fight.
    The upgrade after reaching level 36 is fast. First, go to Luoyang Zhou Tianshi to pick up, a single chess piece, a single person brushed, and then a single person brushed small. Finally, the single person ran. Remember to start 4 times experience, and after these tasks, it reached level 42.
    The novice players can be completed in 2 hours.
    The upgrade after level 42 is a bit full. When reaching level 42, you can also make your own artifact. Single copy will be rewarded. In addition, the guild package will be given 3. You can get an artifact. (It is recommended to kill 1,000 monsters in the Tianjiao Tower, it is fast, no one grabs). After reaching level 45, you can go to the task of skills at Shimen. Point the skills and upgrade faster. But if you have the guild brothers to play together, team activities are still fast. Once various activities have passed, it can reach level 50 on the same day. Please see the picture below for activities and participation time. There are "wonderful activities" in the upper right corner of the game. Click to view.
    "Xintian Dragon Eight Ministry" 1 ~ 90 complete upgrade strategy
    Of course, there are more experience and items in the event. If there is time, you can also brush some copies, such as: Suzhou Third Ring Road, running, and also Calling the old third ring. You can also do the task of the next division.
    has been fully upgraded after level 50, and it can be upgraded by about an hour. At this time, the help of teammates need to help. If it is a recharge player, you can change the equipment, and put a little gem to: Ancient tomb, 1 to 3 layers, or the first floor of the earth palace to start to level up. The upgrade is still relatively fast. If ordinary leisure players, the team does a task, the activity will be about 60 or so during the day.
    (Qinhuang Di Palace, upgrade the Holy Land)
    In general, the upgrade of "Xintian Dragon Eight Ministry" is still fast.
    "Xintian Dragon Eight Ministry" 1 ~ 90 complete upgrade strategy
    After reaching level 60, it is also the time to start the watershed. Players who upgrade quickly may reach level 88 a day. Put on 90 equipment. Upgrading is faster, and ordinary players only take about a week by activity and monsters to reach level 80.
    The main upgrade plan after level 60 is to brush monsters. Of course, if you don't care about the level of the level, you will slowly keep up.
    After reaching level 75, you can enter Loulan City. There will be more activities and copies here to participate, and the upgrade will be slightly accelerated. You can also upgrade the tomb or floor palace 2 or 3 floors.
    has not changed with such rhythm to level 80. There are also many scenes of brushing monsters.
    will reach level 80 soon, because level 90 is a watershed, so many players will stop at level 80 as an artifact, fight BOSS, boss will drop a lot of rare items, some items are precious, such as Emei's skills : Qingxin Pu Shan Mantra. They are all the items grabbed by Emei players.
    The upgrade 90 requires the first six skills to reach level 80, and the light spot skills need about 2000 gold coins. There is still a huge experience. Many players will not upgrade for a few months when they are promoted at level 89 at level 89. In fact, it is some skills. However In about a week, it has been upgraded to 90.
    0 levels, many players are no longer on this server and started to go to the ancient mirror. Of course, this is the last word, we are talking about it later.
    The experience of the eight of Xintianlong, let's take a look at the seven ways to make money to make money.
    1. Fireflies:
    The West Lake (Suzhou -West Lake -Night West Lake)
    tian Dragon
    Click the fireflies to capture the fireflies Getting fireflies fireworks, fireflies can be sold to businessman Bao Shirong Suzhou [189, 168], you can get money, and a certain amount of fireflies are also required in the task of upgrading the wedding ring. Use fireworks to bloom gorgeous fireflies.
    ① 2 or 3 minutes of fireflies can be easily handed in. You can consider when you have no money to buy medicine.
    ② catching fireflies is also a way to make money, but he is restricted by conditions. It is suitable for long -term online players.
    ③ because the refresh time of the fireflies is 2 hours. Therefore, you have the time to master the insects, and you can wait for fireflies to be brushed out on time. I caught fireflies at most once, and almost all the fireflies in the night West Lake were caught! After 16 minutes, I got 28 intersections. That time I was lucky and no one grabbed it.
    ④ Thank you friends to listen to me so patiently. Let me also say fireflies. Now, this fireflies need to be grabbed! Yes, just like the anti -new district, it has to be robbed! Then what I want to say is this grabbing method. First of all, let's look at the map:
    The day of the dragon eight
    The red 3 corner point is where the player prefers as the starting point. The yellow arrow refers to your efficiency caught trajectory. Finding insects. Same.
    2 Top top
    Teen Dragon Babu
    The red box area is insect -free zone, don't waste time to find it.
    . So, when we are familiar with the running method, we have to do it! Friends with conditions to rush to grab it. It is not worth it. It is said that fighting is also delaying you to catch fireflies. Isn't the purpose of you entering here to make money? The concept of time is available. There must be a certain judgment and want to judge the running trajectory of the opponent. This can go less and save time.
    ⑤ Note that there is a kind of fluorescent dance when catching insects. Don't pick up that thing. As for the benefits of doing so, I won't say it.
    2. Playing:
    is very simple to make pictures now, because a automatic way of finding a way, it is recommended to play players at level 30-39 or above, because the punishment orders within this level are all Several scenes nearby. About 1-3 minutes, 1 picture, one picture sells about 3J (each district is different). Take level 100 as an example for 50-150 minutes per day. At least about 40 pictures, it is 120J, not many, but when level 85 and above players do murderous maps, the monster in the killing task has a chance to get a rare treasure map. About 30YB per picture in our district. If you are estimated to be about 5 times in Figure 50 times, it is also 150YB. The income is not bad. Hey, you can dig treasure.
    3, alchemy:
    This at the ingot store 95, the perfect qualification BB. You can buy it. About 150YB. After buying it, I had no upgrade and reached the level 90 to the gang to make a relic. About 30 million experiences can be sold for 400 ingots.
    4. Synthica:
    This Seeing cheap gems and synthetic seconds, synthetic level 3 is resale. This gap is very large. It can make about 50YB.
    5. God soldiers level 3:
    This can be sold back. I sell all the lowest -priced god soldiers sold at the Yuanbao shop, and then sell it. Remember, do not exceed 100 ingots in each group, and more than 100 ingots collect the handling fees!
    3 Top top
    6. Selling things:
    Here the positioning of the positioning: each 3 -level positioning 3J , A group of yellow paper only 3 gold, looking for it in the Chamber of Commerce.
    The set of yellow paper 3J can be positioned to sell 12J (tax ignoring), net profit 9J.
    This is positioning, and you can also sell yellow paper. Demolition yellow paper into 20 groups. Each group of 3 gold 99 silver and 99 copper (if others say you are a liar, you can say that I sell 20 yellow paper for others, haha ​​you know) to use the trumpet for reputation.
    7. Colorful Xuanjing:
    Now I went out to a colorful mysterious crystal
    The price of each area is different. A group of 38J in our district.
    This to zoom in
    This mining is still a good choice. The fast one can dig about 3-4 groups.
    The daylong Babu
    In general, it is the most profitable to occupy the 3 cities of the sky.

  2. The heroes are obtained by the gift package, and Taobao has been sold before. At present, the event is over ... I can’t buy it

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