1 thought on “Tianlong Babu VIP Section Several Gives Send Mengbao Pig”

  1. Tiaolong Meng Pig is a treasure beast in the birthday gift package presented to VIP9 players.
    VIP at all levels of Dragon Dragon has its own privileges. VIP split game VIP and account VIP. VIPs in the game are different according to different VIP levels, and the rewards that can be received each month are different. VIP等级特权为:随身珍兽商店、随身装备修理、随身装备转移、随身武魂修理、随身增加装备可修理次数、随身易容阁、随身神器修理、随身冻结/解冻双倍时间、随身衣柜、 Portable banks, portable beast banks, shortening the reproduction time of single treasure beasts, activating the function of polymerization, exclusive dazzling installation of 15 days of reception, exclusive emoticons that are valid for 30 days, receiving instantaneous shadow Double action package.

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