5 thoughts on “What pet is best for eight -year -old girls?”

  1. Hello the original poster, I am glad to answer this question for you.
    This on personal interests, lively and quiet.
    , no matter how old, no matter whether boys and girls do not know that animals are also a life.
    must let her know to protect her life to protect herself.

  2. I think it is a dog for the best pets for eight -year -old girls, because dogs are very friendly to humans, and they are especially friendly to children. Grow up happily. So it is recommended that eight -year -old girl raising dogs.

  3. If the eight -year -old girl wants to raise pets, she can find those who are more gentle and obedient without being too difficult to raise. Such as little turtles, bunny, kittens, etc., do not raise such fierce or difficult to take care of pets.

  4. What kind of pet is the best pet of the eight -year -old girl, what pet is the best pet? The eight -year -old girl can buy him a little turtle or a little hamster if he likes a little pet.

  5. The eight -year -old girl belongs to young children. It is not advisable to feed large or violent pets. Because the child is lively and active, there is no weight in his men. Pets that are too delicate are not suitable. You can try M to raise blue cats. This variety of cats belong to short -haired cats, which are docile.

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