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  1. Pet dog with low attack 1. Barcelona Hound 2. Golden Retriever retrieved dog 3. Labrador Dog 4. Siberian sled dog 5. Gray hound

    Dog 2 Chihuahua 3 Jadoro Dog (Lingti) 4 Akita Dog 5 Australian Fedeing Dog 6 Big Dog 8 British Coco 9 West Min Temple 10 German Shepherd Dog R
    I have a child, so I want to raise a dog and the child as a companion, but I am afraid that some dogs will hurt the child. What kind of dogs are suitable for raising?

    It now many people talk about dog color changes. Necessary, almost 80%of people in Europe and the United States will raise dogs, because they feel that raising dogs is a very good way to ensure mental health, and of course, it is especially for children. This can cultivate his love for people, creatures, and the world. Many children seem to be indifferent now, in fact, because they are lonely and empty. If a loyal and sincere partner like a dog grows up with him, it may avoid many problems.

    Of course, try not to raise it during pregnancy and confinement, but it is no problem to raise a dog after weaning. The same is true of many of my friends.

    It, it is recommended to raise dogs like a dog dog. Often this dog -type conference is considered dangerous, but the opposite is the opposite. Because of its body shape, it is more suitable for humans, and for thousands of years, due to their functionality, they are more loyal, intelligent and considerate, such as hounds (help hunters or hunting people back to prey), shepherd dogs (every day Repeat the same boring work for the host without complaints and regrets) and so on. In contrast, because small dogs are often in a sense of insecurity, they are more nervous, and they often occur in love, or injuries due to lack of security. At the same time, because small dogs are The teeth are relatively sharp, so it is not recommended to live with children 2 years old.

    The dogs are introduced below:

    Labrador dogs: are very friendly and emotional dogs. Children are generally I like it very much, but children with such dogs are lively, because Labrador dogs have a large amount of exercise.

    Golden hair dogs: For the first family -raising family, this dog is no longer suitable. Although it is lively and playful, it does not like noise. It is very suitable for home life and is very easy to receive training. I also love children, and I can drink children to get along peacefully. However, the health of the golden retriever is the best walking and exercise every day.

    French bullfighting: This dog is a symbol of bravery and loyalty. It is enthusiastic and patient. So it is also suitable for family breeding with children. But this kind of dog is easy to excite, so in order to avoid it when I was excited, it was best to pay attention to its emotions at all times.

    Bagu dog: This dog is generally not easy to train, but if it is trained, it is the first choice for families with children, because it will not yell, bully children, and tend to be excited. Essence

    Big: Because this dog is a dog that is more afraid of loneliness, it is happy to get along with children, but just love to call.

  2. Of course, when I was pregnant, I raised dogs. Now my child is 3 years old and has been with dogs from birth.
    and my child is very healthy, and it is not easy to get sick.
    The love for small animals, knowing to share with dogs.
    but do not raise a dog. It is best to raise a small dog that can only be controlled.
    It hope to help you!

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