How do I think my boyfriend wants to raise a dog, and after buying, I said I want to give away?

5 thoughts on “How do I think my boyfriend wants to raise a dog, and after buying, I said I want to give away?”

  1. It depends on what is the reason. If it is really a question of being too busy, when you buy a dog, you have to give away, that is, he considers the lack and is a very irresponsible behavior. Or it ’s other issues that cannot be avoided, allergic to dogs. At first I do n’t know that there is this situation, I can still forgive it, but I have to discuss with me first. This is my personal opinion. If your boyfriend has no objective conditions, you need to give the dog a dog, then this person needs to consider it.

  2. Before raising a dog, you must think about it. Just like having a child, I do n’t want to raise it after buying it. It is really troublesome. It can be given to others, but it must be a dog -loving person. It can also be sent to the containment. It is recommended that the aftermath must be dealt with. After all ,, To the dog, you can also do it in the future, he will do three minutes of heat, consider not fulfilling it, and the development of your career can also be imagined. Men who lack responsibility must not rely on life.

  3. If your boyfriend is allergic to dogs and you love your boyfriend very much, you may only choose your boyfriend, but you can discuss with your boyfriend to give the dog to a better friend at home. Essence

  4. Do you discuss with you? If you do n’t have the consent of you, you will give your pets too domineering, and you do n’t care about your feelings. Don't take you seriously. Why don't you respect your feelings? Without love, there is no need to continue.

  5. If you don't want to raise it, it is recommended to find a new owner who meets the conditions of puppies for puppies, or send it to the puppy's shelter to wait for the adoption of the new owner. It can be given away, but it depends on whether it is a dog lovers, and such a boyfriend can not.

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