3 thoughts on “What kind of puppy is this, it feels like a Chinese pastoral dog?”

  1. Chinese pastoral dog ~~~ Commonly known as "Tu Dog" ~~~ The recognized good dogs that have been recognized by China for thousands of years and artificially selected!
    This dogs in China do not have a fixed bloodline. Its scientific name is "Chinese Rural Dog". It refers to all ordinary family dogs. In the middle, the color is mostly yellow, white, black, or mixed color. The personality is more docile and easy to raise. It is widely used in the rural home care homes and early hunting. Its ancestors are similar to other dogs. They are origin and wolf, while the Chinese pastoral dogs are closer to the appearance of the wolf.
    After gradually introducing a large number of foreign dog breeds in our country, through the integration of blood, their appearance has more diverse characteristics. For example, the ears are standing upright, the mouth becomes longer, some legs become slender, and the hair color is no longer single. But no matter how they change, they still belong to Chinese native dogs. From a regional perspective, we can call it a purebred garden dog with traditional Chinese characteristics. They are also one of our valuable resources. Don’t love it because of their bloodlines, all dogs are friends of human beings

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