1 thought on “What pets are suitable for snakes?”

  1. 1. Good cats are nourishing cats: Snake people are clever and wise, smart and capable. They act low -key, know how to keep the light and keep the light, accumulate, and be cautious. They usually do not have too bad fortune, often like the superiority of the spring breeze. : Snake people have their own principles. As long as they firmly have their own direction, they will continue to move towards the goal, so that they can also get their satisfactory results. However, destiny is also bumpy, a little flawed place, when they are not good for the fortune of the snake, they can be suitable for cats. Cats are wealthy animals. Many shops and families like to place wealth cats. Therefore, kittens who belong to a snake man can also help them improve their fortunes.

    2. Snake people are good at raising dogs: dogs are the most loyal friends of people. Many people like to raise a puppy. They belong to a snake to raise a dog, which can also improve their fortune. Dogs are not only very loyal to the owner, but also can bring good luck for the snake people. They are very suitable for pets raised by snake people.

    3. Snake people are good for monkeys: From the perspective of earthly branch relationships, the zodiac snake and zodiac monkeys are Liuhe relationship, and the power of Liuhe relations is relatively powerful, so the snake man raises a little monkey. It is the most conducive to your fortune

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