3 thoughts on “Why are some dogs and some cats particularly expensive?”

  1. Things are rare, whether they are beautiful or ugly, as long as the number is small, there will be a large price, just like the nutritional ingredients of shark fins and fans, some people are willing to eat. There are also cat shit coffee, which says that there is a special fragrance, isn't the essence of cat shit? There is also that Cordyceps. According to the National Drug Administration's test, there is no health effect. It will lead to lead poisoning after eating too much, but the price on the market is still very expensive. For research, this is the intention to speculate on it and fictional the effect of Cordyceps. So people think that its effect is peculiar and can prolong life and cure all diseases.

  2. Because too many people like pets
    1: Pets will not sell you!
    2: Its existence shows the importance of you (you will feel that it does not work! It needs you! It is rare for being needed and valued!) 3: Obedience! Pets will be executed in your command! And your other half may not be!
    4: Don't be afraid of affair! Even if your pet is seduced or seduced by other pets! You can accept it too! For a life you love, pets can be like this! Change to your other half? whee!
    5: Never say bad things about you! You don't know even if you talked to his friends!
    6: You can predict and calmly understand it! You can know how long it can live, how big it is, what it needs from buying it! But these things cannot be calmly placed on predicting your child or your other half!

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