How can Chongqing sell teddy dogs? How much?

It is best to say a cheaper place, if you do, I will add points.

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  1. There are actually many places to sell dogs. The key is to find a good place. It is like that even if you spend less money, you can buy a sick dog, and the dog is not saving your money. It is vernacular. The best is the dog -raising dog. The first is a friend introduced or went to the right forum to find, and then the pet shop near the home asked if there was a kind of teddy puppy who had a family -raised Teddy. According to the current situation, it is estimated that it will be more than a month later. Maybe the dogs who have been raised at this time are pregnant, but if you want to take away There is a pet shop here here, and the facade is not good, but my teddy is bathing in this family, that is, the boss and her son. The dogs raised, I have seen it once in July, 600 yuan, they can also help people find it, and they will definitely collect some costs in the middle. contact details.

  2. The flower and bird markets of the Haitang Creek and Yangjiaping in California and Nanping in Jiangbei, and each pet shop, the price is about 800 yuan!

  3. Shipinqiao Junyi New Century Community, Jiulongpo District, Chongqing City, has a pet shop for 200 meters to the left. My teddy dog ​​is bought there. 1700,1800 bought

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