Where can there be a pet market in Guangzhou? (Detailed address)

Hello everyone, please tell me if you know, it is best to have cheap purebred puppies, lizards, bird turtles, etc. If someone needs to transfer

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  1. 1. Huadiwan Vietnam, Guangzhou Fangcun District, Guangzhou Flower Bird Big World
    The subway ① Line to the main entrance of Huadi Bay D exit.
    2, Qingping Road. The people there are referred to as: Pet Street
    (I have a turtle. I don’t know if you want it)

  2. Guangzhou Fangcun Huayi Bay and the world of flowers and birds, Metro Line 1 of Huadi Bay D exit the main entrance of the exit of the exit into the top of the turtle, selling dogs next to the turtle, fish selling fish near the door, the left side of the fish is gardening and birds.

  3. Guangzhou Fangcun Hua Bay and the World of Flowers and Birds n The address is Fangcun Huadi Avenue. Just take Metro Line 1 to Huadi Bay D Exit

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