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  1. The bitch can be produced in standing, sitting, or lying posture. Before the first pain occurs, you can see liquid flowing out. The pain before giving birth is waves. By the time the first puppies should be born, the female dog will try their best to work hard.
    In the puppies are wrapped in the fetus when they are born. Under normal circumstances, the female dog will bite the fetus and eat it, while licking the puppies. If the female dog does not do this, then you must immediately tear the fetus from the puppies’ nose, and take it off. Avoid puppies to inhale the amniotic fluid into the lungs.
    Observing the actions of the dog mother. When the dog’s mother is produced, all the placenta and the dog baby have been discharged, and the dog mother will sleep tiredly, seeing her no longer convulsions, relaxing, sweet sleep, certain dogs. The baby has been born and has ended the entire production process.
    Pucting data
    News Note for new dogs
    1. The puppies just purchased can be immediately injected with hemogen or immunoglobulin to enhance the system.
    2. Do not take a bath immediately. After a few days after the dog, you should take a bath for the new environment and eat normally.
    3. After arriving home, the dog’s food should be controlled, which is lower than the normal eating amount, and slowly increases to normal food within a few days.
    4. If there is any suspicious situation of puppies just bought back, please call to consult the doctor immediately. If you need to take your dog to the animal hospital for medical treatment as soon as possible, so as not to cause irreparable consequences.

  2. It will give birth by itself, but it is best to have the owner watching. Some dogs were born without experience for the first time, and I might not know that the fetal membrane was torn off. My dog ​​was like this. For the first time, I ran away after being born. When I was sleeping, I ignored the puppy beside him. After dawn, suddenly the female sex was very good and licking to the puppy.
    In after the puppy falls out, tear off the fetal membrane, then dry it. Pay attention to cutting off the navel. The puppy born in winter is easy to be afraid of cold.

  3. Pay content for time limit to check for freenAnswer Hello, I am a pet doctor Xing Huanxia. I have clinical experience for more than ten years. The veterinarian qualification certificate is numbered. Please describe the pet species, age, deworming, sterilization, and problems encountered. Reminder: On Baidu, you can only send six times to send a roller. You can only send six times to say, please describe the situation you want to know in detail every time you talk, and pay attention to the number of times to avoid helping you solve the problem.nI have seen your problem, and I am sorting up for you. It takes some time. Please wait patiently!nDuring the production of dogs, the dog will have rapid belly shrinkage and shortness of breath. What the owner can do is to create a quiet and comfortable environment for the dog, improve the environmental temperature, and give birth to puppies to help clean up the oral and nasal foreign objects in time, so as not to cause suffocation and supplement energy to the female dogs in time, so as not to produce difficulty due to weakness. If the mother dog has a pain and shrinking for more than an hour, it may not be born. It may occur if it occurs. It is recommended that the owner immediately take the dog to the pet hospital for rescue.n1 morenBleak

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